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Every computer needs optimization from time to time for better performance. As happens, many unwanted files such as system files, log files, unused languages and more get collected and take up valuable space on the system.

Manual decluttering can take much of your precious time and also be confusing. It is always better to have a tool handy to make your task easy and get your work done.

Here, we are going to discuss an optimization tool, TuneupMyMac, which will help your system run faster than ever.

TuneupMyMac is one of the best mac cleaner tools available for your Mac. The advanced features and powerful tools make it easy to improve its performance.

Features Of TuneupMyMac

One Click Cleaning :

One click cleaning

The one-click cleaning feature makes it easy to clean all the unwanted obsolete files on your Mac. It removes all the system caches files along with the log files which are created for statistical analysis. It also gets rid of the redundant parts of installed applications to recover storage space. Moreover, it also removes unused languages of the applications installed.

Find And Remove Duplicate Files :

Find And Remove Duplicate Files

Along with cleaning, it also has a feature to find duplicate files on your Mac. This is another way to recover some space on your hard drive.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps :

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

It also has an uninstaller tab, which lists all the apps installed on the system. You can choose the app that you want to uninstall.

Remove Unneeded Application From Startup:

Remove Unneeded Application From Startup:

If you don’t want applications to startup on their own, you can always manage the startup items with the feature Startup Apps.

Preserve Your Internet Privacy:

Preserve Your Internet Privacy

With the feature Internet Privacy, you can manage and delete browsing history and cookies of your Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Recover Wasted Disk Space On Your Mac:

Recover Wasted Disk Space On Your Mac

Sometimes, you have old data which is no longer of use, such as iTunes backups, old downloads and more. These files take up a lot of space. With Misc cleaning, you can remove all these files and save the hard disk space.

Manage The Large Files:

Manage The Large Files

If you have large files and want to quickly scan for all the useful files, you can use, Large files feature. With this, all the large files on your system can be listed and removed if found unwanted instantly.

Delete Secret Files And Folders Permanently:

Delete Secret Files And Folders Permanently

With shredder, you can remove your private data safely and keep your privacy intact. This features helps you to delete ‘files or folders’ forever and makes it impossible to recover.

In this way, you can remove unwanted files and save gigabytes of space on your system with TuneupMyMac. Moreover, it will improve your Mac’s overall performance.

So, install TuneupMyMac and get your system optimised with a single click!

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