OnePlus 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S10: What’s Your Pick?

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Whether it’s OnePlus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S10—these two are undoubtedly the latest tech flavors of the month about which we can’t keep calm about. Samsung has finally unveiled S10’s design and it is now available for pre-orders. On the other hand, OnePlus 7’s launch is just a couple of months away as well. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your Smartphone this season, you have two marvelous options to pick from.

If you’re facing any sort of dilemma of which device you should go for, here’s a quick comparison of OnePlus 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S10 that will help you in making a better choice. From camera to display to battery life, we are going to talk about each and every aspect, features and highlights.

So, after countless rumors and news updates about these soon-to-be-launched devices, let’s get straight to the comparison.

It’s All About Looks…!

OnePlus 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S10

Yes, for some users the look and feel of the device does matter when they don’t really care much about technical specifications. Samsung Galaxy S10 is offering a bezel-less display design with a tiny camera hole in front.

On the other hand, rumors have speculated that OnePlus 7 will be featuring an all screen design with a slider in-display camera which is like a whole new revolution in terms of design and display. If you’re really looking to buy something out of the box, then grabbing OnePlus 7 will be a sensible decision. So, without any doubt we know who’s a clear winner when it comes to looks, right?

The Screen

OnePlus 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S10 screen

Next, when talking about the screen and display of Smartphones, almost no one can compare to Samsung! Samsung is like a pioneer in creating some of the best smartphones displays. Samsung Galaxy S10 will be featuring a 6.11-inch AMOLED display with curved edge design and a flawless screen display experience.

OnePlus 7 will be rolling out a 6.4-inch (16.26 cm) AMOLED sized screen display along with HD+ resolution.

For the Sake of Selfies…

OnePlus 7 selfie

Agree or not, but there’s a huge majority of the audience who actually buys their smartphones, judging on how capable their phone is of taking good selfies. Yes, it’s true! We are already a huge fan of OnePlus flagship when it comes to trusting on camera, right? OnePlus 6T has already upped our expectations and this is making us pretty excited about OnePlus 7’s release.

Samsung Galaxy S10 selfie

On the other hand, S10 is rolling out with a triple camera optics setup which is capable of taking some breathtakingly beautiful stunning selfies.

Well, it’s a tie and we’re not going to pick sides this time.

Battery Life and Performance

Speaking of device and battery performance, Samsung Galaxy S10 offers a sound battery life performance running on a 3400 mAh battery capacity. Also, in addition to this, it will also be supporting an Adaptive Power Saving mode that will manage your battery life based on your phone usage.

OnePlus 7 rumored to roll out with 4150 mAh battery capacity paired with Snapdragon 855 processor that will keep your device run in a healthy battery state throughout.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Before wrapping up, we would like to state that OnePlus 7 is not expected to support wireless charging. Samsung S10, on the other hand, will be offering a fast-wireless charging, and an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor as well.


As far as price is concerned, and if you’re looking for a budget Smartphone with advanced features then OnePlus 7 is a clear win-win. It will roughly cost you around 550 dollars which is a decent price range. Although, if you’re willing to spend a little somewhere around 800 dollars then go for S10 as that comes with a classy design and promises a top-notch performance.

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So, there were a few aspects that we usually consider before buying a new smartphone. If you were wondering of picking between OnePlus 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S10, these above-mentioned factors will really help you in making the right choice.

After all, the money is yours so spend wisely! Hope you make the right choice. But whatever the case may be, buying any one of these devices will surely be a decision that you won’t regret.

Good luck!

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