Now You’ve Got to Get 10000 Views to make money from YouTube

The Biggest web video platform YouTube has done some major changes to its ‘partner program’. The Platform was facing various issues regarding content duplication. In a bid to keep quality content, the channel has tightened its partner program.

It was 5 years ago when YouTube introduced their partner program. Anyone could sign up for its partner program and start making money by uploading videos. How? Well, Ads! What else? But the company decided to put an end to the free lunch that it was serving to one and all.

So, who can make money on YouTube now?

If you have less than 10,000 views on your channel, that’s bad news for you. YouTube has now set a threshold of 10,000 lifetime views on overall channel and even after having that the content you have on your channel will need to go through the review process.

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What made YouTube to take this step?

YouTube doesn’t hold monogamy in the video streaming business any more. The company’s expanding and wants to remain a steady source of infotainment. People prefer video streaming over TV to avoid ads! In addition, content duplication on the platform was getting frustrating for original creators. Moreover, YouTube wants to a keep safe distance from offensive videos.


So basically, having a channel on YouTube is not enough anymore. You need to have a popular channel with original content on to make money out of it. I happen to think this is a good measure to keep a check on content quality without hampering the channel’s USP i.e. ‘a platform for all content marketers’

Well, what do you say? Let us know in the comments below.

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