Now Call & Message Your Friends Using The All New Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a next generation gadget—indeed. A decade ago, who would’ve thought of a portable device which would play our favorite tunes and guide us through weather update? This is just the tip, we all know that Amazon Echo is capable to perform much more than that!

You can ask a bunch of questions to Alexa and she’ll easily control your entire Smart home. But did you know that your Amazon Echo device could be used to call and message your friends as well? Well, if not, then here is a quick guide that’ll allow you to connect with your dear ones easily.

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How To Setup Calling And Messaging Feature On Amazon Echo

So, you’ve got your handy new Amazon Echo this season. First things first! you need to update your Alexa app in case you’re not running its latest version on your Smartphone. Once done, follow these quick steps to proceed further.

  1. Launch the Alexa app on your Smartphone. You’ll now be greeted with an all new interface which introduces you to the latest calling and messaging feature.
    Alexa app
  2. Tap on Get Started.
  3. Select your User ID.
    Alexa user ID
  4. Fill in your credentials and then tap on “Continue”.
    Alexa setup
  5. Amazon will request for permissions to access your phonebook. Tap on “Allow” to proceed further.
    Alexa setup permissions
  6. On this next page, you need to verify your phone number. This will also act as your caller ID when you’ll call or text your friends. Enter your phone number and tap on “Continue”.
    alexa verify phone number
  7. You’ll instantly receive a verification code text message on your device. Enter that code in the text box and hit “Continue”.
    Alexa app verification code
  8. Once the setup is complete you will be redirected to the Conversations window where all your recent conversations will appear.
    Alexa conversations
  9. To start connecting with your friends, tap on the small user icon on the top menu.
    Alexa communicate with friends
  10. Here you will see a list of all your contacts who have Amazon Echo device, thereby allowing you to instantly call and text them.
    Alexa contacts

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How To Call Your Friends With Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo offers you two different ways to call your friends:

  1. Alexa App: You can use the Alexa app to call your friends who own Amazon Echo device. To do this, head on to the contacts page, select any contact and tap on the phone icon to make a call.
    Alexa app to call your friends
  2. Voice Commands: This is a more simplistic approach. All you have to do is simply say “Alexa, Call <Your friends’ name>” to instantly make a hands-free call.

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How To Message Your Friends With Amazon Echo

Just like calling, messaging with Amazon Echo can be performed via two different ways:

  1. Alexa App: Go to the contacts screen, select any recipient’s name and tap on “Messages” icon.
    Alexa app to message your friends
  2. Voice Commands: To send a voice message to someone using your Echo, say “Alexa, message <Your friend’s name>”.

Simple, isn’t it? Here was a quick guide on calling and messaging your friends with Amazon Echo device. If you have any other queries feel free to drop us a comment. We’ll get back to you on priority!

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