Nintendo’s New $150 2DS XL Console, Reaching Stores on July 28

Nintendo one of the leading gaming manufacturer company announced on Tuesday that it will soon launch a redefined portable gaming console 2DS XL. It is basically a 3DS XL without the 3D. This new console will knock the doors of stores on 28th July. Hence there is only a short while before we can get our hands on this amazing gadget. But the price is attractive specially for those who wanted to have 3DS but do not have for some reasons.

How will it look like?

The game system will have two screens. 2DS has stacked screens and doesn’t have the clamshell design of the 3DS. The folding top is better for portability, and allows for much larger displays. Upper screen will display main gaming screen and the lower pane will display basic info such as life, Score etc. The 2DS XL also is loaded with all the upgraded processing power of New 3DS XL, which came out in 2015. So, the gaming system is best suited for high performance demanding games.

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Controllers and hardware:

The new handheld device features the new C stick and ZL and ZR buttons Nintendo introduced on the new 3DS XL hardware. The 2DS XL is lighter and smaller, making it easily portable. The video game system has all the upgraded processing power of the new 3DS XL as well. Not only this the gaming company has enabled NFC support in the console for Amiibo support.

The company has made it backward compatible. They said the new console will play all Nintendo DS, 3DS, and new 3DS games, including stellar games like Pokémon Sun and Moon. However, the new handheld video game system will display visuals in 2D.

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The 2DS XL seems like a good option for gamers who are having a crush on 3DS console which costs about $200. The company also said that sale of its Switch console has already exceeded expectations. Over 2.74 million units are sold when sale of 2 million units was expected. So, let us wait and watch what happens on July 28 when this redefined gaming devices hits stores.

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