New Instagram Features Show How It Cares For Your Well Being

Instagram with its 800 million users is one of the biggest social media giants, which has changed the way people share posts and videos. Strangely, all new features of Instagram have been either copied or inspired from other social media apps. Hence it was obvious that users clamored for a new feature that is like no other.

Thankfully, Instagram has addressed this concern and introduced new tools & features to make Instagram a much safer place than ever for expressing your thoughts. Now a public account user can choose who can or cannot comment on their post. This feature was first introduced in June, which helped users block derogatory and absurd comments. Back then, the filter only supported English, although, with this update, it also supports German, Arabic, French and Portuguese.

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Social media platforms have become an essential part of our lives. People post anything and everything from their daily life. This reminds us of the heinous act involving an 18 years old teenager from California, who was busy in posting a live feed of the accident she was in. Wherein her 14 year old sister was struggling for her life, her elder sister continued broadcasting the live video and posted it on Instagram instead of calling for help.

With all the hate and negligence in the world, social media platforms have been adding fuel to the fire, as there are no restrictions, guidelines and filters on what one can post or share on them.

Famous celebrities like Lena Dunham, Demi Lovato, Emma Watson, Jared Padalecki, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are endorsing to speak out about mental health and trying to break the stigma attached to it. Instagram too, has taken an initiative and joined this elite league to help the people in distress and make a difference. With the latest update, now Instagram allows you to report the post which depicts the misery of the broadcaster so, in case of an emergency, Instagram could help!

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With this feature, you can report on any live video anonymously when you feel that the uploader needs some kind of assistance or support. The person will see a message with links to the resources like helpline numbers, getting in touch with a friend or get tips to cope with the situation. Instagram also affirmed that they have created a team to help people in need. This team will be available 24*7 all around the world.

Being amongst the first social media platform to initiate and understand the importance of mental health and breaking its taboo, Instagram should be appreciated for this lead. Depression, Anxiety and other mental issues, when left unattended, may result in one losing their perspective of life or in the worst cases, even their lives.

Instagram has certainly taken up a monolithic task of making social media platforms a safer place again. We appreciate their initiative and hope this would help people deal with mental issues. Although we would also love to see other media giants joining this noble step to make internet a much safer place. We hope that no other teenager or broadcaster, or for that matter anyone, die due to the negligence or sheer absurdity.

If you like this article, please leave your comments below as we would be happy to know your views. Till then Kudos to Insta and happy reading!

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