New Google Updates To Help Users

Blog Summary – Google keeps working on its features to improve its interaction with the users. This time, we have been presented with changes in Google Drive, Chrome, and more.

Users always want something new to be introduced  applications and software they use. Therefore all companies work on it  to keep the users interested and engaged. Therefore, tech giant Google makes sure that it has something new for us now and then. This time, it has come up withsomething new in the Web browser, Android devices, and the Google Drive services.

In this blog, we will talk about the new Search chips filters on Google Drive and the brand new Android Widgets. Moreover, we will also discuss the security patches to the vulnerabilities, Chrome Actions, Journeys, and more.

What Are These New Updates By Google?

Let’s take a look at the latest updates and soon roll out features from Google in this list.

1. Google Drive Search Filters –

New Google Updates To Help Users
Image source: Google

Google has been experimenting with search chips for the past few months and it seems ready for the rollout. Yes, you read it right, now you will get to see more search filters on Google Drive. The location, file type, last modified date, title, and to-do filters will be incorporated into the search filters soon. They will be available as separate drop-down options under the Search results. The search works as usual but now you get to modify and filter the results even more.

So, if you are looking for a particular file that you remember as the file type and the last modified date, you can save a lot of time using these search chips.

So, who will benefit from it? Well, everyone who is using Google Drive on the Google Workspace and searches for a particular file on it. As of now, when you search a particular keyword on it to look for the file, it gives you a broad result which is quite inconvenient. Based on the new improvements, you can search for a Google Doc, PDF, Image, Tasks, Shared Labels easily. The rollout begins February 15, 2022, so you will be able to use it soon.

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2. Chrome Journey –

New Google Updates
Image source: Google

Journeys is the latest addition by Google for Chrome and it is going to be very useful. As we search for numerous things on Chrome, getting back to the particular page gets messy. Even the history seems to look confusing with a long list of search results. Therefore, the introduction of Journeys will help you collate the search results for the same items. It will keep a track of the web pages and also suggest similar web pages.

To access this feature, all you need to do is visit the Chrome History Journeys page and look for the particular search results grouped. Alternatively, you can search for a word on Chrome and then select Resume your Research. However, to stay clutter free you can also remove the entire group of search results on Journeys to stay focused on the important ones. Currently, it does not save the Journeys on your Google Account and it is only available as the browser feature.

3. Chrome Security Updates –

With the release of the latest Chrome Update 98.0.4758.102 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, you will be able to get the new security patches. This time Google has enhanced the user privacy features in lieu of saving them from the latest cyber threats. There are a total of 8 security patches in the updates fixing the vulnerability in older versions which is exploited by the threat actors. With CVE-2022-0609 zero-day vulnerability on the rise, the remote code execution on the targeted computer has become easier with the Chrome vulnerability putting users at risk.

Therefore, Google is appealing to its users to get the latest update on Chrome. As it will save them from some of the dangerous malware lurking around the web.

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4. Chrome Actions –

New Google Updates

Chrome Actions came to light a couple of years ago, but now Google is rolling out new features on it. It can recognize and open more settings and Actions for its users. For example, we typed Play the dino game on the address bar of Chrome and this is how it shows us a quick action bar. When clicked on it, you will be directed to the result. Similarly, you can use it for Manage Settings, Customize Chrome, View your Chrome history, Manage Accessibility settings, Share this tab, and of course Play Chrome Dino game.

Soon, Chrome Actions will be available in other languages and on the Android device support.

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5. Android Widgets –

New Google Updates To Help Users
Image source: Google

Google has something for everyone, Android will not be left behind when we talk about new features. Android got the new widgets from Google Chrome. So to make sure Chrome remains Android users’ first choice, it gives you shortcuts for multiple actions. Now, you can open an incognito tab right from your device’s home screen. Yes, you heard it right, they are working on making our life easy. Also, not to show our obsession with the game, but the new Android widget also includes one for the Chrome Dino game.

Along with that, you get Android Chrome Widgets for Text search, Voice Search, Lens search, and setting them up is very simple as well. Just long press the Chrome icon on Android and then select Widgets. This feature will soon be released on the latest Android phones.

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6. Add watermark on Images –

New Google Updates To Help Users

Everyone who is documenting something on Google Docs knows the need for a fully featured toolbar. Google Docs has been impressing us over the years and now you will be relieved with one of its features. Google Doc now allows you to add a watermark. So, content creators who are looking to remain free of copyright infringement can make the most of it.

New Google Updates To Help Users

Just open a Google Doc and then go to the Insert option from the toolbar. Here you can see the dropdown options and Watermark as new will appear with a new mark on it. You can use it to insert customized images or text on the doc.

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Verdict –

We are hoping people will be interested in trying out these new features from Google. With the Chrome Journeys and Actions feature, the browsing experience is bound to be changed for good. And, the Android widgets make it very easy to hop onto the incognito tabs directly from the home screen. In addition to that, Google has also announced an early access Chrome OS Flex program. It will allow users to have a Chrome OS on their Windows or Mac computers.

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We hope this article will help you learn about the latest Google Updates. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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