Netflix Subtitles Suddenly Stopped Working: How Do I Resolve The Issue

This started a couple of days ago. While watching Netflix with captions ON, the last sentence of the subtitle ‘hangs around’ in the picture, even though the dialogue was finished with silence for say like 20 seconds. It just stayed there for a long duration & then disappeared. After that day, suddenly  I can’t get my Netflix subtitles to work, I checked the settings, but suddenly the captions stopped working on my phone, tablet & even my laptop.

The problem is quite annoying & I couldn’t watch any piece of content in different diction & pronunciation by artists from different regions. I went through several forums to see what can help me in fixing the “Netflix Subtitles Not Working” issue & luckily, I found a few simple hacks to make Netflix captions run again.

So, if somebody else is facing the same issues, try the below-mentioned workarounds and get subtitles on Netflix working again!

Best Fixes To Resolve ‘Netflix Subtitles Not Working’ Problem

Try these super simple hacks to solve issues with Netflix Captions in streaming.

#Hack 1 – Netflix Subtitle Settings

Well, if you haven’t checked your settings of the content you are watching, then from here, you need to begin & start inspecting if the subtitle option is selected. Even though it’s enabled, try disabling it and activate it again. This hack might help you to jump-start things. Now start playing video, head towards Audio & Subtitle option & choose English or other languages if available. Complete the process by clicking on the Apply button.

The method works effectively for Android phones. But you can check out the detailed guide by Netflix Support team here, for tweaking Netflix Subtitles for every platform.

Netflix Subtitle Settings

#Hack 2 – Customize Netflix Captions Appearance

If there’s a particular part of the Netflix subtitle missing on your screen, then try customizing the appearance of captions in terms of Size & Font to see if it solves your issue. To customize the discussed factors, follow the path: Tap on More option followed by Settings and hit the Account button. Now, alter the size of subtitles font & check how it looks while playing video in real-time.

You can even change the font style, add Shadow and customize other factors for Netflix Subtitles. The method works for all the platforms & the new settings will automatically be applied to all the devices you are using for streaming Netflix.

Customize Netflix Captions Appearance

#Hack 3 – Try Switching Platforms

Well, if you are streaming Netflix on your tablet on maybe your favorite web browser Google Chrome, then we recommend you try switching to a different platform or perhaps to a different browser. You can install Netflix Windows 10 or macOS app or stream on different browsers such as Firefox or Opera. If by any probability, the Netflix Subtitles are working after switching, then there’s something unusual with your current platform or browser.

#Hack 4 – Check Out Browser Extension

Try using Chrome Extension called NflxMultiSubs, which can help you add a second subtitle in your chosen language.  The extension supports Russian, Japanese and other popular languages. It can probably help you to fix the Netflix Subtitles Not Working problem, & you can even add your native language to watch your favorite movies in your language.

Check Out Browser Extension

#Hack 5 – Update, Reboot & Retry Using Netflix

Make sure you update the Netflix app on your device if you are using the outdated version. If you are streaming Netflix via browser, ensure you use the updated browser version. Ensure you also reboot your device to see if it fixes the Netflix subtitles not working error.

#Hack 6 – Clear App Caches & Associated Data Files

If you are using the native app for streaming or watching content on the browser, make sure you clear app caches and associated temporary data, as it might help you resolve several common Netflix errors. If you are using Android, clearing app caches is super easy. Open Settings, head towards the App list and locate Netflix. Tap on the Clear Data & choose the option to clean everything.

Clear App Caches & Associated Data Files

 Keep Calm & Watch Netflix

Signing out and signing in again is also one of the easiest tricks to resolve Netflix Subtitles Not Working problem. Doing so will help you eliminate temporary glitches or bugs & getting the Netflix captions back!


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