Neglecting Privacy Issues Online And Harms Of It

As much as the online users claim that privacy is important to them, we can see them neglecting the important factors easily. The overall online behaviour of a person says a lot about how much they care about their privacy online. The internet is a pool of things waiting to happen to you. It’s as much like you are taking up an adventure ride without the safety measures. Who knows what danger awaits you on the next turn, precisely the same case for internet privacy. We carry our life in our pockets on the smartphones we use, yet the security measures are consistently ignored.

Be it giving away personal information on various apps or websites for opening accounts or allowing cookies to access them. This is something which all of us do without giving much thought to its consequences.

Why Is Internet Privacy An Issue?
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Internet privacy comprises several things, which includes all of your activity online. Smart technology is capable of tracking the way you surf the internet. The social media platforms are more than enough to give personal information on you. The job and educational profile can provide more insight into your background.

Similarly, the shopping websites or the services you use on your phones can say a lot about your interests. If anyone is up to getting information about you, it is effortless for them to gather it from all these sources. The online cloud storage which is being popularly used can be exposed with a little bug. A lot of your files such as photographs, videos and documents are at risk of getting hacked.

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What Are Online Privacy Issues?

Online privacy and its lack of information can lead to several issues in your life. One might lose important data or can even lose money. The hackers can get into your system and corrupt it or ask for a ransom by encrypting your data. The online identity can be all together stolen, and someone can misuse it for criminal activities. There are certain services which cater to such malicious activities or have a weak privacy system which is not at all good for its users.

Recently, the video conferencing service Zoom Meeting has seen several such cases. The service offered to the users included a free pass to add a large group of people in a video call. This made users from all over the world use this service to make personal and professional calls. Within a couple of weeks, its hacked recording started to surface over the internet. People began finding the glitch in the form of hackers creeping into their private conversations. Zoom took responsibility for it and later confirmed that there was such a breach and over 5 million accounts were compromised.

But the surprising fact here is that Zoom still sees a  rise in the number of users. Now with a total of 300 million users, it stands as an eminent service among all of us. Doesn’t it scare you a bit, that you are willing to put up with a potential threat just for the service it offers for free? It is advised to use other video calling services as they serve as a better and safer alternative to Zoom until Zoom finds a solution. Meantime, if you still want to join a Zoom Meeting, use these tips to keep yourself safe during a call.

Why Do We Care About Privacy?

 Real-life can have a lot of severe implications with neglected online privacy. It can jeopardize life as we have now, and no one should face such unpredicted problems. Therefore, we emphasize that everyone should follow these measures to secure the data and self while using the internet altogether:

 To Sum up:

It is vital to keep yourself safe while we enjoy the boon technology as it makes our lives easier. But to take advantage of your neglect is easier than what you think it is. Therefore, we always suggest you go with the shield before you try and open that suspicious mail or webpage. Use VPN to surf the internet on public networks. Use tight security like two-factor authentication for your accounts. Also, it is recommended not to save card details and login credentials on the browser.

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