Needn’t Root Your Android, Try These Android Hacks

Android’s a wonderful mobile operating system. It opens you to a world of Android hacks and tricks. While most of these are for everyone, there are a few features which only some advanced users can access, the ones who know to root.

Sure, you can do several incredible things if you know how to root your device. You can change the UI, alter the way your system’s CPU behaves, install apps which your manufacturer won’t allow, remove skins offered by stock Android and whatnot. But, there’s a darker aspect to it.

Why Should You Not Try Android Tweaks That Require Rooting?

Rooting is not for an average Android user, and if things are not done rightly, you don’t even want to get me started on what can happen next. Let me give you a glimpse of what can happen if rooting is not done correctly – you may run into update issues, expose your Android to malware attacks, bid adieu to warranty and last but not the least convert your device into a mere brick.

Some Cool Android Hacks That Don’t Require Rooting Your Android Device

Let’s talk about some cool and amazing Android hacks that you can do right on your Android device. And, the best part is you won’t even need a third-party app.

1. You Can Remotely Lock Your Android Device

You Can Remotely Lock Your Android Device

The first Android hack we are going to talk about is remotely locking or using your Android device so that it can’t be misused. And, believe us, you won’t need rooting for this Android hack. 

Losing your Android phone can be a nightmare, knowing that it contains a lot of crucial critical personal data. If it lands in a miscreant’s hands, life can become hell for you. In that case, you can take a breather, relax and promptly act smart and lock your device no matter where you are.

Almost all Android phones have come up with functionality like this. In most cases, you will be able to use the Android Device Manager and then remotely lock, or factory reset the data. For this blog, Samsung Galaxy M20 was used, which comes with Find My Mobile feature. The path of reaching this feature is mentioned below –

Settings > Biometrics and security > Security > Find My Mobile

2. Record screen on Android

Record screen on Android

Often, we have an urge to record our device screens for demonstration purposes mainly. It could be that you are a gamer who wants to show off your gaming skills to your friends or it could be that a friend of yours, who is finding it hard to locate a feature and you want to help him by recording the steps to reach that feature.

Gone are the days when you had to install a third-party screen recording app. Knowing the fact that despite being on Google Play Store, a third party screen recording app might still have malicious intent, you can now use an inbuilt screen recorder in your device. The only catch here is that you should have an Android device running on Android 10.

Here we have used Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite which runs on Android 10 to test the feature. To access screen recorder feature  Swipe down the notifications bar,> Swipe till you find the Screen recorder option.

3. Remove Bloatware From Android Device

Remove Bloatware From Android Device 

In broad terms, there are several commercial applications that your manufacturer stuffs in your Android. These are termed as bloatware. While some of them are useful others, sit on your device and eat up the resources and memory of your device. Now, there might be times that in the wake of installing more apps on your device, you might want to get rid of these apps. And, the only way that might strike your head is rooting your device.

The good news is, there are several ways you can either uninstall these devices or disable them so that they don’t take up precious storage or eat up the resources of your device. We’ve comprehensively covered Android hacks that won’t require rooting, and that can help you deal with bloatware with ease.

4. Record calls right from an Android device

Record calls right from an Android device

At the outset, we’d like to mention that every country has different norms for recording calls. It is always recommended that you inform the other party first before recording conversation or you may land in legal trouble.

That being said, starting Android 9 pie, several devices let you record calls, and you certainly don’t need rooting to perform this Android hack.  Again, we’d like to state that not all devices may have this feature. But, many budget Xiaomi and Samsung devices let you record phone calls. Which means if you have one of these devices, you will no longer be required to either download a third-party app nor will you have to root your Android device.

For instance, in Samsung Galaxy M20, if you want to record a conversation, all you have to do is make a call first. Then after the other party picks up the call, tap on the three-dotted icon and tap on  Record. Once you click on this, you will be able to record the call. You can find the recorded calls by following one of the paths mentioned below –

My Files (file manager) > Internal Storage > Call > recording


The recordings can also be accessed from Phone app > Settings > Call Settings > Recorded calls > all recordings 

Still Want To Take The App RouteHere are Some Of The Best Call Recording Apps For Android.

Why  Root An Android Device When You Have These Features

We are not against rooting, nor we would tell you not to learn the skill. After you have mastered the skill of rooting and know the pros and cons like the back of the hand, you can play with the root directory of your Android device. But till then, you can explore the features like the ones mentioned above, which don’t require you to root your Android device. If there is any other astonishing feature that you think won’t need you to root your device or won’t require a third-party app, do let us know in the comment section below.

Till then, stay with us, keep reading Systweak blogs and follow us on all social media platforms.

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