Mysteries And Questions Science Cannot Fully Answer

“There are no facts, only interpretations” – Friedrich Nietzsche

We know that in the world of science, nothing is absolute and theories based on calculative assumption could often go wrong. While all the technology we use today is indeed possible due to science, we cannot expect it to always be correct. There is in fact, a plethora of commonly believed scientific explanations and technologies that do not make any logical sense. Based on this notion, we have prepared a list of commonly highly accepted scientific theories or facts that could be subject to heavy misinterpretations.

But before we do that, we also want to inform our readers that this article only presents a hypothetical viewpoint and does not portray our support or disapproval for anything mentioned below. With that been said, let’s begin out list for several mysteries even science cannot fully explain.

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What Lies in Earth’s Center?

hollow earth

A lot of people do not think much about this, but there has been a constant debate about what lies in the center of earth. While most text books and academic materials suggest the core of our planet being made of molten metal, there isn’t a lot of visual evidence supporting this theory. According to science the earth’s core is located at a depth of 6, 371 kilometers. However, the deepest that we have managed to go is a mere 11 kilometers and have drilled as deep as 12 kilometers in the earth’s crust. This clearly suggests that our beliefs, despite of being based on study and research still doesn’t provide a conclusive evidence.

Shape of the Earth

flat earth

Before we start with this one, we want to say that we do not wish to debunk the fact about how our planet is shaped. However, the movement known as Flat Earth Society or simply ‘Flat Earthers’ claim that the earth is in fact, eh, Flat! We know this sounds totally crazy and one could find tons of evidence against this claim. The Flat Earthers however, are totally not in a mood to joke and have all the plausible scientific theories and contradictions to back this claim. Their theory not only pokes a burning question about NASA and various space programs throughout the globe, but also points fingers at everything we ever believed about conventional physics.

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Global Warming

Global Warming

Once again, we do not want to deviate people into thinking loosely about environmental preservation. While most studies, reports and several claims by world leaders, politicians and scientific data suggests that our planet is heating up, it is still not enough proof to believe the reality of global warming. As a matter of fact, there for every global warming report, there’s a contradictory report that instead of warming up, the planet is actually in the midst of a little ice age where such climatic fluctuations are common.

Existence of Earth

Age of Earth

While one can watch a bucket load of documentaries and programs about how the universe and the planet came into existence, none of them provide a specific answer. In fact, science is as clueless as we are when it comes to guessing when the earth came into existence. Sure, there are various scientific methods how one could make assumptions about the earth’s age. Since we are far from proving the true age of human existence, this is one big question we probably will never have an answer for.

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Placebo Effect


Okay, now when it comes to medicinal sciences one can find plenty of myths and misconceptions that we’re forced to believe. A fake treatment of sorts, the placebo effect is simply administering a non-medicinal treatment, while convincing patients about treatment. Sounds totally impossible, right? Turns out this is the case with several commonly used pharmaceuticals that have no effect on your condition but rather dupe the brain into believing it’s been treated. Even science fails to explain how this works with several positive results in studies.

Hole in The Ozone

Ozone Hole

Ever heard about people who died due to the hole in the ozone? Us neither, but the media sure fooled us into believing that it was a really bad news for us. There were plenty of reports how various emissions destroy our atmosphere and the hole in the ozone layer could lead to harmful cancer causing radiation reaching us. This led to a lot of anti-pollution and emission policies being enforced by world governments back in the days. In reality, there is no conclusive proof whether this was even possible or has happened due to human intervention. Honest journalism is a myth itself it seems.

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There might be chances that several readers might feel otherwise about the above list, these questions are open to debate and criticism and we totally welcome that. Our motive is to present interesting information for science nerds and technology lovers and have no interest in debunking any proven scientific facts. So, do you believe aliens and Cthulhu exist? Please tell us your views in the comments section below.

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