(MWC 2021) Day 1 Highlights: Samsung Presents One UI Watch, Knox Vault & More

Samsung, And Google Are Teaming Up To Take On Apple!

This year’s Mobile World Congress is already initiated on a promising note “Qualcomm revealing Snapdragon 888 Plus Processor” to power upcoming Android smartphones for an overall smooth experience.

Yesterday, Samsung announced major upgrades related to its Galaxy ecosystem and its security platform Samsung Knox. The company also confirmed their partnership with Google to launch the all-new smartwatch interface: One UI Watch, to create a more unified experience between Galaxy Watch & Smartphones so that users can enjoy a seamless experience while maintaining a connection between the Samsung devices and access a variety of applications on the Galaxy Watch.

You can keep a track of all Samsung’s Announcements by watching the video provided below:

(MWC 2021) Day 1 Wrap-Up: Major Improvements & New Innovations On The Way

“It’s great that MWC is back. And on behalf of everyone at Samsung, it’s great to be back at MWC” said James Kitto, Samsung’s Vice President (UK), while opening up this year’s presser. While the tech giant revealed a lot of their upcoming innovations, the biggest news of the press conference was the expansion of collaboration Google announce at I/O last month. Have a look at the major highlights of Day 1.

Samsung Reveals One UI Watch.

The company announced its imminent Galaxy Smartwatch 4, which will be the first one to get the unified platform – One UI Watch (which is a blend of OS combining Tizen and Wear). The smartwatch will make its debut at the next official Samsung Unpacked Event, later this autumn. During the event, Samsung just teased about how the new UI enables the Watch to reflect everything happening on your smartphone. Whenever you will install any application on your phone, those will be automatically synced to your smartwatch as well (apps that are Watch OS compatible)

Samsung & Google’s co-developed Galaxy Watch feels similar to how Apple Watch works in synchronization with iPhone. Although Samsung hasn’t revealed the confirmed list of supported applications that would work on the upcoming Smartwatch, you can count on Google’s suite (Maps, YouTube Music, Google Calendar) and wellbeing applications like Calm, Strava, Adidas Running to be compatible. Sadly, the company didn’t reveal much about the hardware specifications or any other features of the product.

Samsung Reveals One UI Watch. 

Samsung Knox Vault Pledges To Protect Your Devices From Crooks.

Eight years ago, Samsung set out on a dedicated mission to build the most trusted & secure platform in the world. It introduced the Samsung Knox security system in previous MWC events, that would help defend their smartphones against sophisticated cyber threats. In this year’s event, the mobile giant discussed the evolution of Samsung Knox and unveiled the power of all-new Knox Vault and Knox Vault Storage, which aims to protect against all kinds of cyberattacks and secure credentials, data, and other sensitive information. The company has lately collaborated with renowned security institutions like IBM and Secusmart to improve their safety system of hardware.

Additionally, the company is also working towards introducing Digital IDs with its eID system and emphasizes adding defense-grade security for their smartphones, since most of the people are working remotely and paying contactless without proper protection.

Samsung Knox Vault

Samsung Yet To Make The Speculations About New Foldable Devices Official!

During the event, the tech giant revealed little about their future foldable devices – – Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3. They showed a few glimpses of the flagship smartphones in the teaser of the event, which enticed a lot of individuals. Unfortunately, no specification or hardware details were shared with the audience during the event.

Hence, we still have to wait for the details about the foldable phones which may arrive later this year. Many hinted that the company will probably unveil at least one foldable device at the Unpacked Event. For now, there’s no official announcement about the schedule of the event, but it will most probably take place in August.

New Foldable Devices Official

Samsung’s Ecosystem Is Exponentially Growing.

During the MWC, the company’s team also focused on the software-hardware integration across their ecosystem for their smartwatches, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Book, Smartphones, and more.

Patrick Chomet, EVP and Head of Customer Experience Office, Samsung expressed – – “To unlock the full potential of these wearables, we’re leveraging our long legacy of mobile innovations and our partnership with trusted industry leaders who have grown with us in our open ecosystem. Through these efforts, we will enrich our smartwatch experience and the convenience of the Galaxy ecosystem for our consumers. To deliver enhanced experiences, the company has innovated beyond devices (from the services they’ve designed, to their latest collaborations with worldwide industry leaders), the SmartThings let users control their home devices using computers, smartphones, or your car. SmartThings is capable of finding Galaxy Smart Tags so that you can keep a track of your belongings.

Samsung's Ecosystem Is Exponentially Growing

To know more about SmartThings, click here. For more updates related to the new updates in Galaxy Ecosystem, you can visit Samsung Newsroom!

The All-New Watch Face Design Tool To Personalize User’s Experience.

In addition to the major improvements, the company is all set to introduce an enhanced watch face design tool that will assist designers to customize the Galaxy smartwatch with all-new and cool watch faces. Later this year, their developer team will be able to showcase the ever-growing collection of watch faces to give users more creative and fun options to customize their smartwatch according to their preferences.

Significant Updates In Galaxy Upcycling Program.

During the event, the tech giant also talked about updating their Galaxy Upcycling Program that will equip older devices with enhanced AI Capabilities to turn smartphones into smart home devices or more useful things so that they don’t throw the phones away quickly. The company is all set to push significant software updates to their previous line of Galaxy devices so that they can work as essential IoT devices with light sensors, baby monitors, or pet monitors. Samsung also revealed about improving their packaging for better suitability.

Significant Updates In Galaxy

So, which MWC 2021 Highlight enticed you the most? Do share your opinion in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates. You can buy a pass for MWC – Day 2 here

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