Must Watch Sci-Fi TV Shows Of 20

The new year signifies a lot of new beginnings. Many start a diet plan, some explore their creativity with multiple mediums of art. Some like us, we couch potatoes see the dawn of the new year as a sign that our favorite shows are going to come soon to our TV screen. (though we have another year and a half minimum to wait for the 8th season of Game of Thrones.)

Let’s get down to business and have a look at the must watch Sci-Fi TV shows of 2021.

1. Doctor Who:

doctor who

This fandom classic has been gracing our television screens since 1963. There have been many Doctors that have come and gone and few still live in our hearts. But, what makes this show one of the best syndicated sci-fi series ever made is the fact that it doesn’t fear from exploring new horizons and breaking barriers in its path. In one of the most bold and in your face move was the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor! That’s right. A female Doctor. While previous Doctors were male and companions were female, this change of demographic seemed long overdue. Unfortunately, the opinions of the public varied from support to disgruntlement to the casting news. All we can tell the naysayers regarding this, ‘It’s an alien timelord that has 2 hearts from the Planet of Gallifrey! It does not have a gender!’ We hope this clears the air as we get ready to enjoy this instalment of Doctor Who while dreaming of riding in the Tardis.

2. Altered Carbon:

altered carbon

Netflix has become a haven for TV shows that are made with the intent of exploring human psyche. A recent example of this was the trailer release of ‘Altered Carbon’.Talk about spine chilling. Based on a book of the same name, by Richard K Morgan, Altered Carbon is based 500 years in the future. It explores the dystopian world where one’s conscience can be stored in the backbone of a person and then transferred into a new body upon his/her death. This screams impossibile as far as adaptation into a  tv series format is concerned, but, Netflix aims to do so in mere 10 episodes. Tune in with popcorns and turn your cell phones to mute. This show is sure to become a fan favorite.

3. Krypton:


Finally! Thank you studio executives who have answered our prayers by giving us more of the Man of Steel’s home planet. The plot is based 200 years before the birth of Superman. Superman’s grandfather, Seyg El is the main protagonist and all covers the time period from then till the time the entire planet was eventually blown into smithers. While we are sure the new viewer demographic are going to be hooked, the older, more responsible and emotionally mature audience ( who are we kidding? ‘We’ are probably going to be sitting there with the kids as the show airs) are sure going to enjoy. The icing on the cake is that with a fresh cast and directors, this can be a amazing departure from the canon that is being used in the DC movie universe. Fingers crossed that they deliver!

4. Black Mirror:

black mirror

When studios get things right, they sure do it in the most amazing manner. Black Mirror is the perfect example of a narrative that rises beyond its said task and displays amazing screenwriting and characters. Modern society, which is supposed to be civil, faced by dark themes only presents how uncouth it truly is. Inspired by ‘ the Twilight Zone’, this show explores many controversial themes. It compares our dependency on technology as a drug addiction. While this does reflect as the truth, there is no getting away from the ‘Black Mirror’ ie. Smartphones or computer screens. ‘San Junipero’ the 4th episode of the 3rd season still gives me goosebumps! Kudos to the team involved. You deserve all the Emmys!

5. Sense 8:

sense 8

The power of love! Sensates ( the fans of the show) were aghast at the cancellation of the show after season 2. They petitioned the channel, held twitter ransome with their trending tags and eventually won! Back on public demand is a 2 hour special finale that shal tie up the entire series. Netflix earned kudos on this move and has rekindled hope for its multiple fans. Shot across the globe, this show promises and delivers thrills and aww as the 8 navigate through each other’s minds. Keep your eyes open for this one folks!

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There you have it. The above mentioned are few of the most eagerly awaited Sci-Fi shows of 2021. The shows that didn’t quite meet the mark are:

  • Lost in Space (revival)
  • Star Trek : Discoveries
  • Westworld
  • The Witcher

Happy viewing everyone!

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