Must Have Xbox One Apps For Gamers

Xbox One X is the latest addition to the Xbox gaming console family. With its super powerful Scorpio engine, it gives user an amazing experience and smoother gameplay. Gaming on Xbox One has gone to some other level, with the processor speed and graphics, it makes every game more mesmerizing and cinematic.

Well, Xbox One is not only a gaming console, it can be used for other purposes as well, as it comes with several pre-loaded entertainment and media apps. But, the most useful ones are missed out. So, this article is about some of the best Xbox One apps that every Xbox user should have. As Xbox One not only offers gaming, it offers a whole bunch of entertainment as well.

Best Xbox One Apps For Gamers

Entertainment App: Netflix

entertainment app- netflix

Netflix is a media app and world’s leading subscription service, where you can instantly watch TV shows, Movies and documentaries. It comes with kid’s section as well, so that kids stay from A rated content on the platform. To Netflix, first you need to become a member. It offers one-month trial on first time registration. So, when not gaming, why not Netflix & Chill. To help you out, here are some of the best web series on Netflix.

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Entertainment App: YouTube

Entertainment App - YouTube

It’s a media sharing platform and video hosting service, where you can post, like, share, subscribe and comment on videos. It features all types of videos, then be it, comedy, music, science and what not. YouTube app on Xbox One can also be used as a streaming platform, so you can live stream games on YouTube instantly. Create an YouTube channel and you are all set to showcase your skills live globally.

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Music App: Spotify

Music App - Spotify

Spotify, a music app for Xbox One. With it, you can listen to background music while playing for free. Just pump yourself with the background score, be it of any genre. Spotify offers all types of genre, including Gaming as well.

Browse your favorite music and playlists with Xbox One Controller. You can tune into your favorite music with your mobile phone or tablet as well by installing the Spotify app on your Android/iOS device. Not only this, with the new Spotify app for Xbox One, you can change tracks by speech as well. Just ask Cortana to change the track and it will be done. More playing, more listening, more music.

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It’s a multipurpose app where you can video call, chat and conference with your friends and family. It offers HD video call for users. If you are done with gaming and want to video call your friend on big screen with better sound quality, then Skype is one of the must have app for Xbox One app.

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App For Gamers: Twitch

App For Gamers Twitch

Twitch is one of the best and most used live-streaming app worldwide. As Xbox One comes with live streaming option, you can directly stream your gaming sessions on Twitch from your console. You just have to say, ‘Xbox Broadcast’, and whatever you are playing goes live to whole world. Later on, you can also watch other Twitch streamers and can chat with them as well. So, if you are a pro gamer and want to showcase your gaming skill globally, then Twitch is a must have Xbox One app for you.

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This is it folks! These are some of the best Xbox One apps that every Xbox user should have. Well, Xbox One is not only limited to gaming, it’s a multi-media console with multiple features to keep you entertained. Enjoy your gaming experience with a little more entertainment.

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