Must Have Apps for New and Expecting Parents

What was your reaction when the news of your pregnancy was broken for the first time? Definitely, it sent chills down your spine as you realized that you have received one of the life’s greatest joy. Eventually, you also configured that having a wee one comes with lots of responsibility and stress. Indisputably, family members and friends assist and share the load in the process upbringing but there are certain apps available that can make your life easier with a newborn. Here are 5 of our current favorites.

Best Apps for New and Expecting Parents

1. Glow Baby Newborn Tracker App

Glow Baby Newborn Tracker App

The most vital role, any parent plays is to keep their child healthy and content. But the kind of hard work required in this process is complicated, tiring and sometimes frustrating. The basic question that generally arises is to how to keep track of everything. Glow Baby is here for the rescue that helps you track everything from sleeping, feeding, diaper changes and medication. Also, it maintains a virtual diary that encompasses developmental milestones and growth. The app has partnered with the “Baby 411” book that lets users to have access to daily educational articles. Download Now

2. MyMedela


Motherhood is the most heavenly thing nature has given us. Breastfeeding, being a part of it, requires constant monitoring for the healthy growth of a newborn. To make this process a successful experience for mother and baby, you can take assistance from MyMedela app. It offers a personalized content that includes pumping progress and feeding tracking. The app also delivers practical guidance and tips when difficulties like pain or latching issues happen. Download Now

3. Sound Sleeper: White Noise

Sound Sleeper White Noise

Baby’s overall development depends on the kind of sleep they take. With Sound Sleeper: White Noise, your little one won’t wake up due to possible disruptions or surrounding noises. The app comes in three modes:

  • Play Mode: This mode plays ambient sounds such as womb, rain and even vacuum cleaner to calm your baby to sleep.
  • Listen Mode: In this mode, the app automatically turns on whenever the baby cries and then soothes him or her back to dreamland.
  • Sleep Tracking Mode: This mode creates sleep graphs so you can keep track of your child’s sleep patterns.  Download Now

4. Nestnotes


This app is the perfect example of established private network for families. The struggle is real for parents when it comes to multi-tasking. This amazing app offers a brand-new digital platform to form a photo library or a journal for taping milestones and memories. Also, it has a private social network with an interactive sharing service, where family members can submit photos and comments. The app is not only easy to use but offers incredible privacy while sharing online. Also, one can also send stuff via text. The graphics in the app are beautifully designed. Download Now

5. Baby Sleep Site

Baby Sleep Site

For parents, getting some quick sleep tips for their child is kind of relief. With this app, one can use more Z’s to get babies sleep longer. This app is a great quick reference with tips sorted by both age and type of sleep. Also, one can create a customized sleep schedule to help you organize your day.

Note- This application has been discontinued

Apps cannot completely replace your parenting skills but they can certainly reduce some or other kind of stress. For instance, they can help you track sleep and feeding time, decode developmental milestones of your child and assemble the loveliest collection of photos. Get these amazing apps for your newborn and for yourself to make parenting worthwhile. Please comment and provide your feedback if you found this helpful or have any suggestions!!

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