Move Over Facebook Manipulation: Look Out for Virtual Reality

Turning the world into a screen may sound like a dystopia to some. But backers of VR technology say that there can be something irresistible in VR based wearable devices as it displays all the information you need right before your eyes. With a VR based wearable device, you can find your lost child in the water park easily as it lets you see your child through buildings, water or anything.

VR holds seamless possibilities in several fields and makes physical presence useless as it is making everything virtually possible. For instance, in journalism, storytelling could be a powerful way to catch the attention of newsreaders. They will not only think about events but can actually experience them, leading to the evolution of journalism.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms are sweeping the world of gaming by creating almost-real virtual worlds. Games like Pokémon Go are augmenting the real world, and making the world appear for real, anywhere you go. This technology is poised to cross the threshold from toy to tools as it is offering ways for pain management, can cure psychological conditions and can treat, and diagnose physical and mental health conditions. Also, it can be used for hyper-personalizing the experiences.

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The Other Side Of The Coin

But the world has evils too and humans use technology to fulfill their desires. Some of them have the tendency to design tools to use it for something perhaps more wicked. Meanwhile, the full capabilities of these immersive technologies are yet to be explored, but we have already identified the way it can be used to manipulate us.

VR can duplicate reality and eventually trick your mind. The moment when our body and mind really believes that we are at some other place, that experience can be really threatening to liberation and judgement. It can be used for propaganda and delivery of distorted truth. This is so, because when you are harmed in VR, you actually feel it for real. Similarly, if someone manipulates you into believing something, it’s going to stick.

When we are talking about the transformation of journalism with VR, some critics feel that more emotions are the last thing we need in a news. Today, faith in the press is eroded and at the same time, new platforms are enabling new ways to push buttons. With emerging fake news stories and videos that are letting anyone say anything, it is easy to reinforce particular points of view to manipulate people. For instance, fake Facebook posts are tricking the audience easily, now imagine what an immersive storytelling piece can do to you?

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When it comes to collecting data, VR will be able to collect it on a whole new level. Apparently, harmless infrared sensors that are devised to help with motion sickness and alignment can acquire near-perfect illustrations of users’ real-world environments. The deadly combination of virtual reality and personal data collection can create the menace of fake news, which will be much more influential than text articles and memes.

A complete immersive and tailored experience can easily convince people to believe alternate realities and unfortunately, such VR advertisements are on the horizon to be launched. Contrast to video conferencing, where video data is shown accurately as it is documented, immersive technologies only show limited information and not essentially the real graphical content.

As per the technology used in VR, it lets computers translate the complete information into a full picture and very small data is shared between you and the remote computer, which allows visual scene to be constructed locally. What it means is that whatever you are watching is completely different at another end. For instance, when into a VR chat, everything is modified including expressions, facial features and gestures without letting you know.
Well, this is all about Virtual Reality and it’s indefinite and risky future. If you have anything to share, please comment in the section below.

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