Most Promising Gadgets at CES 2017

It’s already a week past 2017, and futuristic technology is up for grabs as seen at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show at Last Vegas. We know many readers might already be aware of the amazing gadgets and tech displayed at the 4-day fiesta. But that doesn’t mean we cannot talk about the extremely cool stuff that everybody would want once they hit the stores. There were plenty of highly promising gizmos that took hint from the futuristic demands from nerds, while adding subtle nostalgic touches. With that been said, let’s look at some of the most amazing and promising gadgets displayed this year.

  1. Lenovo Home Assistant


Smart Speakers with built in AI assistants seem to be all the rage and brands do not want to lose out on the trend. Lenovo has already made some big waves in the smartphone market and will certainly try to cash in on the demand with their latest Home Assistant. It utilizes Amazon Alexa technology that has been integrated inside a neat looking portable speaker that is powered by Harman Kardon tech. The Home Assistant is available at a competitive price of $129 and will certainly sell well.

  1. Super Retro Boy


NES Classic Edition was a sort of letdown, considering they were extremely hard to find in the market. With news of classic video game consoles and re-issues popping up everywhere, this innovative product surprised everyone. The Super Retro Boy is a remake of the Gameboy handheld that has been retrofitted with a color screen. It can play all cartridges from Gameboy, Gameboy Color and GBA without any problems and is also designed to resemble the classic Nintendo Gameboy. It will be available for $79.99, when it finally hits the stores this year.

  1. Kodak Super 8 Camera

kodak-super-8- camera

Nostalgia and photography go hand in hand and while the current generation has satiated itself though phone cameras, the old film based cameras are still loved by enthusiasts. When it comes to video cameras, filmmakers often prefer the old ways of using film reel cameras. It was this demand from art and film aficionados that must’ve pushed Kodak to re-release their Super 8 camera with a digital twist. The camera still shoots using a physical 8-mm film reel, but the recorded content can be easily processed into digital format. It also has a modern-esque LCD display so you can frame your shots better. HD Audio inputs and HDMI ports have also been added to the camera to make it compatible with modern tech.

  1. Asus ZenFone AR


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Sure most readers might be waiting for the next iPhone where they might re-introduce the audio jack. But that clearly doesn’t mean that we cannot talk about other smartphones. The Asus ZenFone AR was displayed at CES 2017 and also won the first position in its category. It uses google tango augmented reality technology and is powered by 8 GB RAM (putting a lot of PC masters to shame). It also utilizes a ‘Tri-Cam’ that is able to capture photographs in 92-megapixel resolution along with 4k videos. With other features such as Snapdragon 821 and expandable storage up to 2 TB, make this phone one of the most powerful in terms of specs and performance.

  1. Lego Boost


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We all love Legos as long as we don’t accidently step on them. With such an important place in popular culture, it was about time that they made some futuristic innovations. Although Legos haven’t changed much since their introduction in the late 40s, 2017 would be known as the year when these blocks came to life. No we’re not trying to reference a Zombie Lego movie but about the newly launched Lego Boost. This kit enables you to create programmable toys with Legos using sensors and motors. This can be used to create remote controlled cars, programmable robot toys and a lot more.



VR Headsets too have been one of the major technologies that have gained a lot of attention in the past few years. We’ve seen the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive breaking visual boundaries in 2016. In 2017, we can only hope for more improvements, which are clearly evident with the new HTC TPCAST VR headset. It removes the clunky wires from the previous models making it more comfortable to wear and includes some major graphical improvements. It comes with a wireless transmitter that will provide around 100+ mins of run time along with a larger battery that can be bought separately.

The above list only includes gadgets and machines that received phenomenal public response due to their high-degree of innovation and ingenuity. But this is only a start to a year that is lined up with some big tech reveals and launches by moguls in the industry. If you wish to add anything to this list, please mention in the comments section below.

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