Most Common Amazon Echo Issues with Quick Fixes

Well, agree or not but imagining a day without gadgets seems like an impossible task. And out of the gadgets we love, our smart speakers help us get through the day helping us accomplish our everyday tasks. Amazon Echo is one of the most amazing and widely popular appliances that fit perfectly well in our smart home. With the seemingly well support of Alexa voice assistant, Echo is a must-have device to have around.

Yes, we all love our Echo devices way too much but there are times when our Echo device doesn’t cope too well with our commands, right? Or sometimes it even gives us a hard time connecting to the network. Yes, we’ve all struggled through that. So, in this post, we have listed the most common Amazon Echo issues along with their quick fixes to make the most of your smart speaker without any hindrance.

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Let’s get started and explore how we can improve our smart home experience by fixing these tiny issues on our own.

Connectivity Troubles

As technology has come a long way ahead, you’ll be amazed to realize that our smart home is filled with a whole bunch of smart gadgets and appliances. And yes, the lists keep growing. Due to this, there are times when our Echo device is unable to connect to the network due to overcrowded devices.

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So, if you’ve experienced a similar issue with Amazon Echo, here’ something that might help. Most connectivity issues are solved when you reboot the device, plug it out and keep it away from power for a few minutes and then plug it back after a while. Also, now to start afresh add your device again to avoid any further issues. Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone and then add a new device by following the on-screen instructions.

Keeps Getting Disconnected from WiFi

Another most common Amazon Echo issues is when your Echo device keeps getting disconnected from WiFi repeatedly. And each time when you try and give a command, you first have to re-connect it to WiFi.

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To avoid any kind of WiFi troubles, make sure that your Echo device is rightly placed. By right placement, we recommend you to keep the Echo speaker near the WiFi router, in a way that the connection doesn’t get interrupted by any other device or appliance.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that”

Happens a majority of the time, isn’t it? Whenever you try talking to Alexa, there are times when the device is unable to interpret you. Well, not just Alexa! This problem is quite common with almost all the voice assistants.

voice traning
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So, if anything of this sort happens, then you can probably say “Alexa, tell me what you heard” to know what Alexa heard on the other end. Also, to make Alexa understand your voice commands accurately, launch the Alexa app on your smartphone, head on to Settings and take up the “Voice training” so that Alexa can get to know your voice better.

The Wrong Call

As we are all aware, our Amazon Echo smart speaker is always activated in an “All ears” mode and listens to everything that’s happening in the surroundings. Our Echo device gets activated the moment we say “Alexa” but sometimes it gets a few wrong calls too leading to accidental activation. For example, if somebody said Alexa in a conversation or when a television ad pops up, be it anything.

To fix this issue, Amazon has introduced a new feature that can help you understand why Alexa was accidentally activated without listening to your voice command. Simply say “Alexa, why did you do that?” to get a detailed insight on why Alexa was activated and performed a specific action. Also, you can also try changing the default activation word and set it as something unique or bizarre.

So, fellas here were a few most common Amazon Echo issues along with their quick fixes. We hope you learned something new today. Make the most of your smart speaker by fixing these tiny-teeny issues on your own for a seamlessly smooth smart home experience.

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