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While wireless communication has become a trend, we have also several platforms to make our choice. Until now, several operating system has been developed, released and used. Some of these operating system, such as Blackberry, seemed to be promising. Further, it also managed to become users’ choice. However, not all could last long. With that said, certain Operating Systems such as Android, iOS and Windows, are a notch better. These operating systems are preferred for several reasons. Some offer enormous catalog of apps, while others have striking UI to impress users or superb functionality.

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Each of these Operating Systems have their share of highs as well as lows. However, they impress upon users with their uniqueness and their requirement. Henceforth, different users happen to choose different OS, as per their need. Here is a crisp comparison between these mobile operating systems. Read on and find who wins for you: Android vs. iOS vs. Windows

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