Mobile Apps To Plan The Best Holiday This Christmas And New Year

Christmas and New Year are close by and no one wants to miss out enjoying the festive mood. Christmas holidays are the most awaited ones amongst people across the globe. For many of us it is about planning for a holiday be it for enjoyment or relaxation. And yes, no one wants to ruin their plans at the last time owing to poor planning beforehand.

Well no worries, we are here to help. In this article, we have listed all the mobile apps to plan the best holiday for Christmas and New Year.

Apps That Help You Plan Your Vacation

It needs a lot of research and patience to choose the best destination for your holidays. Thanks to a multitude of vacation planning mobile apps you can now plan the best vacation this Christmas. These travel apps help you in the best possible way from looking for options to booking tickets and hotels and finalizing your itinerary. Below are some of the most trusted apps you can use to plan the best holiday for Christmas and New year.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants Attractions:


Know better and plan better with TripAdvisor. It has a user review database of over 350 million and hence is the best option for you. It is an effective app that lets you search for the best hotels, book flights with lowest fares, search restaurants etc.

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Based on user reviews and photos posted by them it gets easy finalizing your itinerary.

Download for free on Android & iPhone. Hotels & Vacation Rentals:

booking is again one of the best apps that you can rely on while planning your holidays. It helps you find hotels, search for flights, trains and even buses.

An effective app that is instant and provides to you filtered results that suits your accommodation requirements best. A one stop solution to plan your holiday.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Track Your Flight Status with These Flight Status Tracking Mobile Apps

So now that you have finalized your itinerary and all the bookings have been made, finally the day arrives when you have to take off. There are times when are all set to start our holiday and suddenly the flight gets delayed or cancelled.

Well, to keep yourself updated about the flight status, ensure you have an app installed on your smartphone to track the status.

App in the Air:

App in the air

This one is our personal favorite. For frequent flyers, App in the Air is the perfect solution. Just enter the flight number and it gives all details, starting from the flight status including check-in time, boarding time, take-off and landing, gate number, delay and much more.

Not only this, it also notifies about any changes or delays in the flight. It can also be relied upon while receiving friends and family from the airport. Just track the flight status with the arrival time or location and you are done.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Shopping Apps to Ensure You Don’t Miss Packing For Your Holidays

Almost ready for your long-awaited holiday! Gosh, forgot to pack something important? Well don’t worry, these shopping sites ensure next day delivery to ensure you don’t miss out on anything while packing and have the best holiday this Christmas and New Year.

Amazon Shopping:


By far the most trusted and reliable online shopping app. Amazon we all know it and have been using it since ages. No matter what you are looking for, Amazon has it all. Simply install Amazon app on your Android or iOS device and you do not have to look for a second option. Amazon provides some of the best deals with high quality products. Not just this, its refund policies are also very lenient.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

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eBay – Buy, Sell & Save Money with Discount:


Yet another wonderful online shopping app is Ebay. A well-known name across the globe that lets you shop, sell and bid. It offers amazing discounts on ample product categories like clothing, fashion, electronics, travelling accessories etc.

It also gives exclusive holiday and January deals that are worth the grab.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Get Amazing Deals with These Daily Deal Mobile Apps

Who would not like amazing deals at maximum discount? Well, we definitely would.

Planning vacations and want to try out the best places around the city sticking to your budget? Well simply going to Michelin star restaurants, amusement parks etc. will cost you a huge amount of money. Why not look for ways that save you money yet not spoil your eagerness to visit top class places.

A multitude of apps are available that give you the best deals across the globe and save a lot of money. So, have a look at few.

Groupon – Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons:


Who doesn’t know Groupon? It’s one of the best apps that offers amazing deals, coupons and discounts. You can count on it without a doubt. When on a holiday, make full use of this app to find the best restaurant deals, travel deals and enjoy to the max.

Not just this, it also gives amazing deals and discounts on spa and salon, so go rejuvenate yourself with this amazing app.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Living Social:

Living Social

A complete guide to local deals. Discover amazing deals and discounts on shopping, eateries, salons, fitness and much more.

It offers great discounts and offers giving you ample chances to try out new and exciting places.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Choose Your Favorite Restaurant Based on Pictures & Reviews

Can you think of a holiday without great food? We can’t. Going on a holiday and not trying the lip smacking local delicacies is something we would never want. Holiday means enjoying the local cuisines and trying out new restaurants and eateries.

Below are a few apps that let you find the most amazing places to eat based upon user reviews and ratings.

Yelp: Food, Shopping, Services:


Yelp is a world-famous app that helps you find out the best eating place as per your choice. A travel app that gives information about all the places where you may prefer to eat, drink and shop. Not just this it gives the information in local languages too.

Using this app, you can also apply filters to have more precise results.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.



This again is the most used and trusted app that gives you the best results according to your eating preferences.

Want to have a sumptuous food experience? Simply refer to Zomato and it will give you the best and most amazing dine out options in your area. Zomato displays restaurants, café’s, breweries, nightclubs and also let you order food online.

 Download for free on Android & iPhone.

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Navigation Mobile Apps to Ensure You Do Not Lose Your Way

Going to a new place, the most difficult part is finding directions to places you want to go. Though taking help from locals may seem a good option, it does not help every time because of the language barriers.

Well, thanks to the GPS apps available. With these apps installed on your mobiles devices you can easily get directions to the places you want to visit. Try out these famous navigation apps described below:

Google Maps:

google maps

Don’t worry about losing directions while on a holiday this Christmas and New Year. Install Google Maps. Get to the point direction of your destination with Google Maps.

Google Maps is the most trusted navigation app that people use across the globe. It not only gives you the directions but also informs you of the delays due to traffic conditions. It also gives you street maps, satellite imagery, 360 panoramic views etc.

 Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Citymapper – Transit Navigation:


Navigating in new places can sometimes by more of pain and hardships than enjoying. To get rid of all the hustle bustle related in exploring new places, CityMapper is the best navigation and GPS app you can trust on.

One single app which makes commuting to new places easy.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

Stay Connected with Family & Friends on The Go

Holidays are meant to enjoy with family friends. Where most of the times they accompany you on holidays, there ought to be times when they can’t. For these times when you still want to relate to them, there are messaging and calling apps that don’t let you miss your near and dear ones. These Mobile Apps help you plan the best holiday for Christmas and New year ensuring you never get disconnected with family and friends.  So, let’s have a look at them:

WhatsApp Messenger:

whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp does not require an introduction. It is the most used messaging app in every corner of the globe.

Connect with your friends and family with WhatsApp through messages, audio calls as well as video calls.

 Download for free on Android & iPhone.



This is the oldest and one of the most used audio and video calling app. It has been in the market since ages and can easily let you connect anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Using Skype, you can also share media files, text, video etc.

Download for free on Android & iPhone.

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So, pack your backs and get ready to indulge yourself in a whole new experience. Have the best of apps that benefit every travel plan. Make sure you use these mobile apps to plan the best holiday for Christmas and New Year.

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