Misleading Tech Myths You Probably Believe

We’re certainly far from being barbaric nomads and have developed into a dominant species all thanks to the power of technology. Just like earth was once believed to be the very center of the universe, there are innumerable such misconceptions that distort our minds even today. No, we’re not trying to point towards any religious establishments as even the progressive tech and science aficionados are victims of various misapprehensions. Even though we use gadgets, digital devices and various tech services on a day to day basis, there are plenty of things that we do wrong, simply due to false beliefs. So, we’ve prepared a small list of things that you probably thought wrong about a lot of technology you use.

  1. Refreshing the Desktop

Refreshing the Desktop

Now that we’ve mentioned this, we’re sure that almost 90% percent of computer and PC users are habitual of refreshing the desktop numerous times. Maybe seeing someone do it made it appear like a useful function, but refreshing the desktop was only intended to bring up any new shortcuts that may not appear after install. Other than that, it can also be used to make stuck webpages reload. So, if you’re using ‘Refresh’ for any reason other than this, it is only a waste of time or OCD kicking in.

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  1. Jailbreaking Device Is Illegal


A myth probably perpetrated by a tech elitist who was afraid of voiding device warranty. Jailbreaking is simply removal of restrictions put in by creators of the device and there’s nothing illegal about it. You can do whatever you want to any phone that you’ve purchased and no one would bat an eye. However, this myth was believed by a major chunk of iOS device users before it was finally debunked by U.S Federal Regulators.

  1. WWW and Internet Are Same


These two terms are related but certainly not synonymous. The world-wide-web refers to the service or channel that a user accesses the internet through. Internet on the other hand is a larger cyberspace that is used for various other purposes than simply browsing information. Internet is the core technology network that World Wide Web is a part of, along with several other services such as emails, messaging, FTP and BitTorrent etc.

  1. Putting Any Metalware In Microwave is Unsafe


This myth has a bit of truth in it, but putting a metal object inside a microware doesn’t mean the end of the world. In fact, shape of the metal object you place inside the oven creates all the difference. Any object with sharp or pointed edges will cause sparks and should not be placed inside the microwave, no matter what. However, this is not true when items with rounded edges such as spoons do not conduct electrons and can be placed inside. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid trying this one!

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  1. Drain Device Battery Fully Before Charging


This would’ve been true in 2005, but with several advancements in battery tech this is no longer an issue. Fully draining the battery before next charge was a common warning with older rechargeable batteries. But since most batteries now use lithium-ion components, one can charge their digital devices whenever they feel convenient or necessary.

  1. Cell Phones and Gas Stations


If you feel like a responsible citizen just because you care to switch off your cellphone at the gas station, you certainly need to re-work on your life’s priorities and personal beliefs. Long story short, cell phone radiation cannot cause sparks in gas pumps. The myth was a result of some hoax news perpetrated by Shell. Nevertheless, Shell has officially denied sending any such emails and the relation between cell phone signals and petrochemical explosions has never been proven by scientists.

The above myths might feel surprising to some, while some might already be aware of them. Nevertheless, this proves that even the most advanced times can be plagued by fallacies. Hence it is our duty to shun these delusions and become smart tech users instead. If you feel we’ve missed any in the above list, or didn’t mention something important, please feel free to provide your suggestions in the comments section below.


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