Military Tech That Defined Modern Living

War isn’t a good thing and history lessons aren’t the only thing that prove that fact. Nevertheless, it would be ironical to say that as our technological advancement and current hi-tech lifestyles are all fruits of technologies originally developed for military. Yes, as surprising as it might sound to many readers, but almost each high-tech consumer product we use has a militaristic background. And for your convenience, we’ve also prepared a small list of some of the most commonly used consumer tech, which was developed for use in warfare.

· Microwave


We’re sure a lot of readers already know this, but the use of microwave radiation was first used for sending radio signals to communication satellites by the military. It was only by accident that their property of heating food quickly was discovered and was used for producing microwave ovens. Today, Microwave ovens has become a part of nearly every kitchen and is one of the best kitchen innovations that has simplified cooking.

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This refers not only to Global Position System, but any kind of satellite based navigation including google maps. And yes, all of this has only been possible due to the advancements in missile technology that turned into the space race. Millions of US citizens use this technology to find their way to any location and find the fastest routes to their destinations. This not only phased out conventional maps, but has been a remarkable advancement in transport systems.

· Digital Photography


Regardless of how much the purists hate it, but clicking selfies wouldn’t have been as convenient and inexpensive if it weren’t for militaristic advancements in space exploration. So, every time you click a shameless selfie for no reason, thank NASA for letting you use the same technology they used for interplanetary photography. The first attempts at commercially available digital cameras were produced by Kodak and Fuji but it wouldn’t have been possible without the extensive space-age technology developed by NASA.

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· Internet


If there’s one technology that is as vital to the current generation as oxygen, food or water, it must be the World Wide Web. We cannot imagine our daily lives without the use of this revolutionary technology that changed global communication forever. Internet has not only become one of the most widespread modes of accessing media, information and communication, but technologies based on it has penetrated our very homes with the ‘Internet of Things’. This wouldn’t have been possible if the military didn’t develop a closed network of computers for digitizing communication in the 1960s. This resulted in the creation of the World Wide Web by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), which soon sprouted a whole new era of technology and digitization.

· Air Transport


Sure, the Wright Brother’s invented the airplane, but it wouldn’t have become a part of public infrastructure without military intervention. The modern airplane is one of the most commonly used means of transport that has turned into a self-sustaining industry. But air travel wouldn’t nearly be as efficient if it weren’t developments in Jet engine tech during World War II that laid made air travel at high speeds possible.

· Computers


If you’ve been using your computer to share anti-military posts on Facebook, you’re certainly being a hypocrite. This is simply because you wouldn’t be using a computer if it wasn’t first developed for use in military. The first electronics based computing system was used by the US navy during WW2, inside a submarine. Although this was used to control and detect torpedoes, it was a stepping stone to modern computing, which was later made even more efficient using vacuum tubes.

· All Terrain Automobiles


You certainly couldn’t hope taking your Buick for an off-roading session (unless you own a fortune). Sports Utility Vehicles however, can be used to travel across a vast range of terrains and can only be bested by tanks and professional SUVs when it comes to treading. But this wouldn’t be possible without the US military’s decision to produce reconnaissance vehicles during WW2. The result was the classic Willy’s Jeep that became the forerunner for modern Sports Utility Vehicles and off-roaders that are in high demand today.

With all these technologies and gadgets powering our comfortable modern lifestyles, it would be certainly satirical to not give military research the credit they deserve. Just like how nuclear power is also being used for peaceful purposes, military advancements have changed our lives and turned us from barbaric nomads to a technologically empowered species.

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