Microsoft Build 2020 – Free Registration Open for Build 2020 Conference

Another In-Person Event Gets Canceled Due To The Novel Coronavirus.

Novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everything. Due to it, many tech events were canceled outright, and after Google ditching I/O it appeared as if we would not see any event. Or at least that’s what it felt to me.

However, back in March Microsoft said it would conduct a virtual Microsoft Build 2020 but there was no surety of it.

But now with Microsoft’s announcement of Microsoft’s Build 2020 virtual event, it seems things are changing. It’s not the only thing that is altering.

This year Microsoft Build 2020 Conference is free as expected. Instead of hearing about new sweeping strategies, developers will see a focused approach on practical tools, services, with live and pre-recorded sessions.

Not only this, if you have already paid $ 2395 for the in-person event, but you will also get a refund automatically.

When will the conference commence?

Scott Hanselman announced the conference would be hosted on May 19th at 8 a.m. PT/ 11 a.m. ET. The conference will feature 48 hours of programming.

What can you expect from Microsoft Build 2020?

The event will start with a keynote addressed by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella followed by the company’s outspoken Chief Product Officer Panos Panay and other prominent developers.

  • Sessions, demos, and talks to help developers stay productive even when working from home. Engineers behind the products that you use daily will share their experience.
  • Chance to build community connections via Microsoft Build 2020 developers will be able to connect and collaborate with peers across the globe. Not only this, but they will also be able to interact with Microsoft engineers who are behind the tools everyone relies upon.
  • As the engineers at Microsoft will help troubleshoot, optimize, and secure project developers will be able to take their code to new heights.

In addition to this, workshops will be hosted by the company on Twitch, allowing attendees to ask questions or get help in troubleshooting their code. Developers might also get some goodies as they are asked to provide a mailing address at the time of registration.

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How to Register for Microsoft Build 2020 Conference?

Visit: to register for the Free Microsoft Build 2020 Conference.

With this, we know we will see new things being implemented by the companies and you never know if this will become the new norm. Also, since the event will be hosted online, there won’t be a press room for journalists. But Microsoft will provide a place in Teams communication app where all journalists can gather for this Microsoft Build 2020 Conference.

What is your opinion about this step? For me, it is a great way to accept the change. It will encourage people to look in a positive direction. Do share your thoughts about it and what you learned from the Microsoft Build 2020 Conference event.

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