mHealth Apps: Game Changer or Gimmick?

Rising cases of lifestyle diseases, stress, weight and emergency situations have brought the necessity of health assistance apps in your phones without a doubt. And this is why we are also discussing mHealth apps today! Have you heard about the same? We are sure you have but let’s just decode it once more in brief.

What Are mHealth Apps?Health

mHealth or Mobile Health is no less than a revolution that collates healthcare information, doctor’s assistance, real-time monitoring of the human body and finally providing solutions to improve health, right on your mobile phone.

Where people are not able to reach doctors due to distance or low-income, mHealth apps are no less than a savior for them. Yes, you need to make an emergency call to the doctor in case of sudden body changes and totally relying on mHealth apps might not be the last resort solution.

What Do Experts Have To Say About Digital Well-being?

According to the Accenture healthcare report 2019, consumers tend to choose the services that offer digital capabilities. And mHeath apps are a big backup for their resources. They want to request prescriptions, get reminders, communicate with doctors, book appointments and even remote monitor these health indicators directly through technology.

And these reports are directly showing a future of digital health which is innovating every day but needs to deliver consumer satisfaction in a better manner. More complex needs are on the rise, for example, mental care, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. There is a lot more to be done when mHealth apps are being talked about.

Types Of mHealth Apps

There are various genres that comprise of mHealth apps including:

  • Helps in finding health professionals or doctors
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Health education and management
  • Provides rehabilitation services digitally
  • Offers prescription based on symptoms
  • Managing your clinical and financial records

Amongst the above cases, it has been noticed that mHealth apps that revolve around ‘connection with doctors’ are mostly provided by the digital world. It is followed by the best diabetes apps, hearth & blood circulation and prescription services.

Top mHealth Apps For Your Phone!

Well, we are actually describing the genre where health apps are taking leaps and bounds while engaging constantly towards betterment.

1. Weight Watchersweight loss apps

As the sedentary lifestyle is too much in fashion these days, be on a computer screen for work or playing games on mobile phones, weight tends to increase by default. And this has led to the generation of not only weight watcher apps but also weight loss apps.

From managing your body mass index to making your progress chart, weight loss apps keep you notified of the pros and cons of body activities.

With that, people usually look for:

Best bodyweight exercises apps

Best running apps

Best Yoga apps

Apps That Keep You in Good Shape

2. Calorie Counterscalorie watcher

Now when staying fit is the new cool, controlling on calories and consuming food in proportions is another thing not to be missed. And this is why calorie watcher or counter apps are other genres of mHealth app people are looking for.

Best diet and nutrition apps

Best food apps

These mHealth apps are in much demand day-by-day!

3. Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle Diseases

Increasing health issues like blood pressure, cardiac rate fluctuations, etc. have brought people to the doorstep of mHealth apps rather than visiting doctors every now and then. Using Diabetes apps and heart rate monitoring apps, many of us are keeping a track record of body changes while assisting at the required instances.

4. Runkeeper or Pedometerpedometer apps

There are some mHealth applications that inspire you with even your smallest step towards healthy being. And pedometer apps are such an initiative to make you health-conscious. Even you are a busy man, these apps will keep you tickling more, and you wish to score more points, in short getting healthier.

In the same way, running apps also makes your daily running or jogging exciting steadily.

5. Mental Healthmental health

Can you imagine the level of stress we are bearing each day? Yes, you do! And before it breaks your neck and heart, various mHealth apps assist you positively. For example:

Apps that help you to manage mental health

Apps for dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress

Apps to manage your mental health

White noise apps for a peaceful mind

mHealth Apps: Game Changer Or Not?

 Ah Yes!

  • Getting health assistance at such a low price was never so easy! Imagine the control you are availing, right on the couch. It could be your prescription, video conference with the doctor or multiple choices to opt from.
  • Every house is coming close to medical upliftment. Growing literacy and penetration of smartphones have made us all installing various mHealth apps on the phone.
  • It tracks your health status smartly and alerts you when any doubt of emergency.
  • There have been tremendous changes statistically in nutrition, diet, women’s health, lifestyle management using mHealth applications.

Ah No!

  • No matter how many mHealth apps are wandering around in the market, if you are not dedicated enough for any of the reasons it has been downloaded, what is the use of it?
  • Incoming social media addiction, not sparing time to check health applications, and bursting the stress through other means lower the need for these health apps. Even if you have got issues with sticking on your phone for too long doing nothing, Social Fever might help you.

social fever

You can get it for your Android devices and it is compatible with the latest OS as well. It shows accurate results for phone usage and app tracking time. Along with that keep you fit with reminders to hydrate yourself, use earphones for a limited time, not continuously stare at phones harming your eyes. Get it now from the Google Play Store download link below –

Final Call

Indeed, mHealth apps are booming in the market and their effects have come out to be positively amazing. Now if you can dedicate so much time to chit-chat with friends or family using other applications, spare a few minutes on health apps. You would surely not regret keeping your body happy!

Let us also know what you think about the case in the comment section below. Have you considered using any health app or your experiences with the same? We are eager to learn something new from you! Till then, Have a happy lifestyle!

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