Meet The Tiny Technology In Intel Compute Card

Have you ever thought of owning a pocket sized computer? Although Smartphones are the closest thing to a pocket-sized computing device, they still doesn’t pack enough power to deliver to the needs of PC users. But since we’re living in the future, Intel has introduced a tiny compute card that can make this possible. With this launch, Intel has set new criteria for the world of computing. As they say, it’s small in size but not when it comes to performance. Well, it’s undoubtedly believed as this credit-card sized device contains everything you need for your everyday computing needs including an Intel processor, RAM, SSD storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Intel Compute Card

Intel gives a range of processors to choose from, based on which the price of that device is decided. The Compute Card starts from a $140 and with the highest spec variant priced at $470. While you might underestimate the capabilities of these tiny cards, here’s the list of processors with accompanied configuration offered that’ll make you think otherwise:

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Model CD1IV5128MK CD1M3128MK CD1P64GK CD1C64GK
Processor Core i5 vPro processor 7Y57 Core m3 processor 7Y30 Pentium N4200 Celeron N3450
RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
On-board Storage 128 GB SSD 128 GB SSD 64 GB eMMC 5.0 64 GB eMMC 5.0

Intel Compute Card is as flexible in terms of connectivity as it is compact. The compute card comes with either one, or both type C only and type C sockets with extension. The display rendered by these sockets may differ between 4K to 1080P. However, it’s best if you refer to the official product specs for complete details.

Intel card

Intel has proved yet again that they’re far more innovative and capable than a company known for manufacturing processing units. The new compute card is indeed a flagship product by Intel as it is elegantly portable with a simple design. Its compact dimensions make it easy to instal, maintain, and upgrade independently.

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After glancing at the specs of the credit-card shaped computer, if you’re worrying about the complexities of connecting it to your machine, you don’t have to. The Intel Compute Card doesn’t require your machine to be compute-card enabled device and you can use it with any device.  All that’s needed is a connecting dock that supports all available models of the compute card.

Compute card

To start with a dock, simply slide-in your Intel Compute Card and connect it through an HDMI cable to display. As soon as you start with it, you get your hands on to a mini PC. If you just want to add in some power to your PC, you can still use the compute card as a help and not as a different computer.

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Overall, Intel Compute Card is an important invention that lets you keep your personal and sensitive data in your pocket. This miniaturized version of a computer will definitely empower you to ensure safety and security of your confidential information.

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