Meet The “FRIENDS” Version of Mac Tools

May 6, 2004, the most melancholic day for all Friends fans as it was aired for the last time. After that, many shows emerged in an attempt to match the humor and sitcom of this legendary artwork but collapsed awfully. Well, it is not easy to please that audience that’ve had their humor and sarcasm reach to another level with Friends. It was Friends that that many people find excuses to watch it over and over without getting bored. I, personally, am so staggered with Friends that apart from finding everything humorous around me, I start to relate things, based on their characteristics, to the Friends’ cast.

While optimizing my Mac last night, right after watching another episode of Friends, I found that tool to behave similar to one of the Friends’ casts. As strange as it may sound, I decided to take a close look at the entire product range to observe their style of working and the interface that shows up at different stages to see the way they respond to a situation. Once it was done, I was ready with the Mac products that work and behave like Friends’ cast. Although, it is understood that the pain of being disengaged from that show is inconsolable but this is another congenial way to cast your mind back to the Friends’ era:

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Chandler Bing:


Duplicate Photos Fixer pro for mac

The soul of Friends, Chandler possesses an ENTP personality. He is quick, spontaneous and sarcastic that requires a healthy and extraordinary mind to work in all the unfelt directions to produce unusual ideas Chandler was never seen to repeat or copy the jokes or fake, unless he wants you to know that he is faking, any emotion. This is quite close to a program that that erases duplicate photos from your Mac, the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. The tool is as simple as well as quick as Mr. Bing in its intended work.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro follows a logical algorithm to detect all similar looking photos that’re occupying unnecessary space on your Mac. This process relates to Chandler as he used to work for a big corporate doing statistical analysis, which made him a logical person in decision making. It reminds us the episode where Chandler denies spending all his hard-earned lifelong savings on a one-day “party” – his marriage with Monica.


2. Cleanup My System – Joey Tribbiani:

tuneupmymac for mac

There can’t be anyone more extrovert than Joey Tribbiani or as they say, “Dr. Drake Ramoray”. As a profession in acting, he adapts and adjusts himself in new society and social situations. There may not be an order in his daily life but he makes sure his presence overwhelms the surrounding people. The characteristics of Joey makes a perfect bound with Cleanup My System that can be used any way you wish to for uninstalling apps, removing junk, protecting privacy on Mac.


Another pact that Joey shares with Cleanup My System is the level of energy or we can say the perfection in terms of the tool. Just like you can’t remain dull and sad when Joey is accompanying you, your Mac can’t be malfunctioning in any sense. Inspired by Joey, Cleanup My System makes sure that your Mac’s performance is elevated so that it can deliver its best to you.

3. Tweak Photos – Rachel Green:

tweak photos for mac

The word glamour describes Rachel the best. As she has worked with Bloomingdales and then Ralph Lauren, fashion and trends are there in her breath. She keeps herself updated with the latest vogue and is very conscious about how she looks in front of others. It reminds me of Tweak Photos, the legendary photo editing tool that adds some more compliments to your presence. Just like how much Rachel loves to make over, Tweak Photos provides you with a range of filters including the Raw DSLR images. So, why wait? Go and get your inner artist to work.

4. Disk Analyzer Pro – Ross Geller:

disk analyzer pro for mac

The most introvert character of Friends with his highly agreeable tendencies, Ross Geller is a shy person with a born analytical skill. He likes to keep an order in life and hates conflicts. He takes all the necessary steps to make his life trouble free yet keeps everyone happy. The quality of valuing loyalty of Ross makes a perfect match with the Disk Analyzer Pro that works impartially to declutter your Mac. Disk Analyzer Pro dedicatedly works at all troublesome sections of your Mac that you it would remind you of the Ross’s dedication towards his work. Or, at least it would remind you of his “dinosaur wrist watch”.

Taking everything account, it is easy to correlate anything to what you want, based on the qualities it possesses. For me, both the entities (Friends and technology) were of my interest that made me think out of the box. Well, the tools may not please you with humorous and sarcastic dialogue boxes, thanks to our developers, but we’re sure you’d love to see them doing magic on your Mac. Just like Friends’ cast, they’re the best at their intended tasks. If you’ve got some creative ideas, do let’s know in the comments below.

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  • Willium Barkinson
    This was one good written.
    But u forgot to mention Jenice… lol.

    4 years ago Reply
    • Rishi
      We just concentrated at the lead cast.

      4 years ago Reply

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