Meazor – Digital Measurement Tool That Uses Laser Technology.

An amazing device has recently been invented which will change the current method of work in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Design. This tool uses laser technology to measure distance, scan floor plans, calculate angles and even convert the measurements from imperial to metric and vice versa. You call it a digital measuring tape which renders many currently used devices useless. Some of these devices include a manual measuring tape, laser gun, protractor, ruler spirit-level, etc as the task performed by these devices can be now done by a handheld device that is roughly the size of your car keys.

Image Credits: YankoDesign

The Meazor 2021 is a small but amazingly powerful measuring gadget that can scan floor plans accurately and measure distances on straight as well as curved paths. It can function as a contour gauge as well and send all the measurement results on your smartphone which has to be aligned to this device. The application on your smartphone can convert the metrics received from the device making it easy for the user to share orthographic and plan drawings in different formats. In other words, the tasks which usually need time to complete along with a lot of hardware like spirit level, blueprint paper, tapes, etc can now be done in a few seconds.

meazor review
Image Credits: YankoDesign

The Meazor device consists of a rolling wheel for measuring small distances and a powerful laser for large distances. It requires a smartphone to pair with and sends all its observations to the paired device. The application in the smartphone then converts the information into sensible figures used by construction personnel. The figures received can be converted into different measurement units and the device can also create 2D plans at the same time. These plans can be edited using CAD-level tools and shared with others using Bluetooth. This device allows users to save floor plans as vector data which can be easily populated with windows, doors, stairs, etc.

Meazor device
Image Credits: YankoDesign

The Device is itself 4 inches in length and replaces all conventional tools used for measurement today. The laser gauge can measure up to 25 meters and is powered by a 30-day battery which can be charged by a USB Type C cable. The device package contains the charging cable along with a mini tripod and a small screwdriver in the box. The basic device costs $129 with an extra $29 for ––replacement parts, a soft-rubber cover case, and a circular screen guard. The best offer you get is for an additional $49 that entitles the buyer to get an aluminum tripod, a 32-inch extension bar, and a soft-shell EVA carrying case.

Image Credits: YankoDesign

This device is designed by Tiancheng Liang of HOZO Design and perform 3 basic functions:

  1. Scans and creates 2D floor plans.
  2. Measures all lines, curves and converts the result in any unit you want.
  3.  Laser measurers can give accurate measurements up to 82 feet or 25 meters.


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