Make Your iPhone More Secure with Guided Access

Reportedly, Apple has slyly released a beta version of their iOS 10.3 that allows you to locate your AirPods, if you’re unable to find them. Although smartphones have expanded your average phone’s capabilities beyond its average threshold, it has also made you more vulnerable. For instance, your phone could contain tons of confidential data, which you do not want others to see. This not only contains your private photos, but messages and access to your social media accounts. With your phone in their possession, it would be a breeze for anyone to go through your personal stuff, putting your identity and privacy in a lot of danger. While this seems like a problem to baffle a lot of geniuses, fortunately iOS might have a solution.

iPhone 6 introduced tons of features and Guided Access is certainly one of the best security enhancements you can get your hands on. It turns your device or phone into a single-app one and also allows you to control what features should be available for a particular app. Listed below are some ways how this app will be beneficial to users.

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  1. Parents and guardians can now restrict kids from watching any content or using any app that is unsuitable for them.
  2. You can share your device with anyone without worrying about people snooping in on your private stuff.
  3. This can also be beneficial for schools, museums and businesses where iPads can be used to run only specific app and features.
  4. Helps professionals stay more focused on a particular task by making anything else unavailable for access.
  5. Keeps any one from accidentally opening your stuff in your phone or device. This can also be beneficial in cases when your iPad is also shared by your friends or family.

How to Turn On Guided Accessibility on iPhone or iOS device

Note: To use this feature you must have iPhone 6 or above.

  • Start with launching Settings app on your phone or device.
  • Tap ‘General’
  • Navigate to Accessibility and locate ‘Learning’ segment.
  • Tap on Guided Access under this heading.
  • Click ‘Set Guided Access Passcode’ and set a passcode for this feature.
  • Toggle the feature on with the slider button. This will enable Guided Access feature when home button is pressed thrice in succession.
  • Launch the app you want this feature enabled for and triple click the home button.
  • If there are some areas of the app or some features that you want to disable, simply circle them.
  • You can then click Options to enable or disable the physical buttons on your phone or device.
  • Once satisfied with the settings, click Done to save these changes.
  • Simply click on ‘Start’ to begin using the app with Guided Access.

Presto, you have enabled Guided Access on your phone or device. You can now use this feature to restrict your phone’s apps and features that you do not want others to use/view. If anyone tries to access the app protected with Guided Access, they will have to enter the passcode. This feature not only protects your personal stuff from being viewed by someone unsuitable, but you can also share your device freely without worrying about people looking into other stuff.

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