MailChimp Email Server Hacked- Cryptocurrency Users Targeted

News Flash: After hostile hackers accessed an internal corporate tool, malicious hackers gained access to client accounts, and email marketing giant Mailchimp admitted a data breach.


MailChimp Email Server Hacked- Cryptocurrency Users Targeted

Mailchimp CISO Siobhan Smyth told TechCrunch that the business discovered the attack on March 26 after a malicious actor gained access to a tool used by the company’s customer service and account management teams. An effective social engineering assault, which exploits human error and uses manipulation techniques to get private information, access, or assets, was used to gain access.

What were the consequences of this cyber attack?

“We responded quickly to the incident by terminating access to the compromised employee accounts and taking efforts to ensure that no other employees were affected,” Smyth added.

cyber attack

Hackers examined around 300 Mailchimp accounts and successfully transferred audience data from 102 of them, according to the business. Mailchimp wouldn’t reveal what data was stolen but told TechCrunch that the hackers were after consumers in the crypto and finance industries. In addition to seeing accounts and exporting data, the threat actors obtained API credentials for an unknown number of customers, which allowed them to possibly send fake emails, but which have since been blocked and are no longer usable. However, according to Smyth, Mailchimp has received complaints of hackers utilizing information stolen from user accounts to send phishing attacks to their contacts.

Other Recent Examples of Cyber Attacks

Examples of Cyber Attacks-

  • Trezor, a cryptocurrency wallet maker, confirmed on Twitter that its users had received phishing emails as a result of a hack at Mailchimp, which Trezor uses to distribute newsletters to clients. Users of Trezor hardware wallets were invited to reset their PINs by downloading malicious software.


  • Google has verified the latest in a series of emergency security updates for the Chrome web browser, which is used by an estimated 3.2 billion people worldwide. Chrome version 98.0.4758.102 repairs a total of eight security flaws, one of which is a zero-day vulnerability that attackers are already exploiting, according to Google. CVE-2022-0609 is a critical remote code execution flaw that could allow an attacker to execute code on a vulnerable computer.


  • Kris Marszalek, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange, has officially admitted that roughly 400 customer accounts were hacked. He also indicated that money was stolen as a result of the hack, though the particular method of the breach is unknown.

The Fear Of Hackers Will Always Remain


With the rise of cyber-attacks across the world, it is becoming extremely difficult to use the internet to use an online service or an app. What is more frightening is the crypto wallets that are being targeted by malicious actors who try to rob us of our money. With no definite security measures available, it may be more convenient to stop using the internet and online services including cryptocurrency altogether. This way we can be assured that our financial resources are safe beyond the hackers’ grasp.

However, I know most of you will agree that this is not the answer to the increasing cyber-attacks today. Security agencies and financial institutions must implement stronger measures like 2-factor authentication and one-time passwords to increase the security of an online account.

Your Thoughts on Mailchimp Email Server Hacked- Cryptocurrency Users Targeted

Exchanges remain among the most valuable targets for hackers to breach as the cryptocurrency industry grows in size and user base. According to NBC News, during 2021, there were more than 20 exchange hacks in which the hacker made more than $10 million in profit, with six cases topping $100 million.

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