Love Surfing Late At Night? Use Night Mode In Chrome and Firefox To Protect Your Eyes!

Does your profession demand that you gaze at a screen for hours at night or do you simply love late night Netflix binging tucked under that warm blanket?  Whatever be the case, did you know the bright rays of the computer screen harms your eyes more than you would like to admit?

It’s not possible to change your work shift or lifestyle all of a sudden. What you can do, however, is to not stress your eyes too much. You can do that by reducing the screen glare while browsing the web on Chrome and Firefox, by using Night Mode Page Dim extension. And here’s a concise guide to do that, for your benefit.

Night Mode Page Dim Extension

Night Mode Page Dim extensions protect your eyes from the sharp rays of computers and laptops. The plug-in applies Night Mode by changing the color of the text and its background. By activating the extension, you can work or read on your computer for a longer time at night without agitating your eyes.

Night Mode Extension for Chrome

Chrome lovers can ease their long working hours at night on the browser by activating Night Mode Page Dim extension.

To add the extension to the browser, follow these steps:

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Click on three vertical lines on the top right-hand corner.

chrome night mode

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  • A drop-down list appears, click on More Tools.
  • A sub-menu will appear, click on Extensions.

extension in chrome

  • Extensions window will open, you will see all the extensions enabled, locate Get More Extensions just below them.
  • You will be directed to Chrome Web Store. Search for Night Mode in the Search Extensions box.

night mode extension

  • A list of apps will open, you can choose the extension that suits you.
  • Once you have decided what extension to enable, click on add to chrome tab and it is done.

night mode pro

  • A bulb sign will appear on the toolbar, you can click on it to enable/disable the mode.
  • After the extension is enabled, your browser will look like this –

check night mode add on chrome

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Night  Mode Add-on for Firefox

To activate Night Mode add-on in Firefox, follow these steps:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Navigate to the three tiny horizontal lines on the top right-hand side
  • A drop down will appear, choose Add-ons -> Extensions.

add on for firefox

  • Type ‘Night Mode’ in the search box.

night mode

  • Click on the extension. It will be downloaded and added to the browser.
  • A bulb sign will appear on the toolbar, you can click on it to enable/disable the mode.
  • After the extension is enabled, your browser will look like this –

night mode firefox

Though Firefox has an advantage over Chrome when it comes to this extension, once the extension is enabled for FireFox, you need not adjust it for all the tabs, unlike Chrome.

Whether you hooked to the newest season of Sherlock Holmes or working on a project late at night, you can surely avoid straining your eyes by enabling night mode extensions for your browser. The night mode makes your browser’s background turn black, which not only make it look cool but also protect your eyes.

Have you not enabled your night mode extension yet? Do it and let us know if that makes a difference.

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