Locky and SamSam – Latest Ransomware Hitting Hospitals


Have you already heard about the newest and most sophisticated malware- Ransomware? It is the biggest threat to all big or small entities. In mid-march, it went a step ahead and attacked hospital computers in US, to gets its ransom. Locky and SamSam are the malwares that scared hospitals and forced an online shutdown.

Ransomware is a malware, which locks or encrypts computer/files/web browser in order to overhaul ransom from innocent victims. It decrypts these files with decryption key, obtainable on the payment of ransom. Know more about it here.

Locky Ransomware & Its Infection:-

Locky Ransomware spreads through malicious links in spam emails and enroute itself through MS Office document or JavaScript. The Ransomware is automatically downloaded as soon as the victim opens the attachment. It then encrypts the files with RSA-2048+AES-128 encryptions. These encryptions entail around 160 different file types including database, origin codes, and even virtual disks.

Once Locky is in a system, it renames files. It uses 16 unique characters in beginning and then ‘.locky’ as its extension. Thereafter file content becomes invisible and victim is demanded with ransom. Locky uses Bitcoin and TOR as the means to raise ransom.

SamSam Ransomware & Its Infection:-

This is the other Ransomware affecting hospitals these days. It is a server based Ransomware. It uses the JexBoss—an open source vulnerability testing tool for JBoss, to get hold on the victim’s computer. Once it is installed, it foothold the server (like C: Drive) and infect the system by shutting down the possibilities to access any file on the computer.

As soon as victim understands, all his/her are already encrypted. The computer screen displays a message saying all files are encrypted and victim has to purchase decryption key within the given time, else the keys will be lost and will become unobtainable.

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Why Infecting Hospital Computers?

The data in hospitals are usually medical histories and treatment records of the patients. These details are concerned to the lives of patients and are sensitive. Any random and unusual activity therein is likely to cause disruption. Therefore, hackers put this data at risk to raise ransom. Another reason could be bare attention on cyber security in hospitals.

ransomware hitting on hospital

Ransomware has managed to infect more than 75% of hospitals in US, including Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Methodist, MedStar, Chino Valley Medical Center, Desert Valley Hospital and more.

While some hospitals coped up without paying ransom, there were still some who fell prey to these malwares. This includes Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which is expected to have paid around $ 17,000.

Locky Ransomware attacked the hospital computers resulting in them being offline for more than a week and then paid the ransom. Ransomware is expectedly netting half a million dollar in a year.

How to Stay Unharmed with Ransomware?

First requisite is to get an antivirus. Getting a good antivirus is like getting armor against Ransomware. It protects the computer to not get polluted with Ransomware in first place. Secondly, keeping a backup of all files in any external drive (say a hard drive or saving the stuff online) enhances the protection. Right Backup Anywhere is one perfect solution to this.

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