5 Latest AI Apps That You Definitely Need on Your Smartphone

Artificial Intelligence—This term is not just used by data scientists in labs and experiments anymore, in fact, it has become a crucial part of our lives. From our smart home appliances to mobile apps, no matter where we step in, AI is literally all around us. Useful AI applications are being designed, developed and used in almost every field we know. This proves how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a pervasive technology over time, that it has become a part of our everyday instances.

best AI apps for Android
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We can certainly not neglect the role of AI in our lives as this is where our future lies! Even tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple are now bending their ways towards this game-changing technology and creating useful applications for users that can make our everyday lives easier.

Best AI Apps for Android

Here’s a quick list of latest Artificial Intelligence apps that are trending like fire in the digital space, that you definitely need to have on your smartphone.

Face App

Face App
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If you tag yourself as a social media buff, then you must’ve already heard about this one, right? So, starting off our list with the most popular AI app of the week, the Face App is the current sensation of the Internet and even the celebrities are not spared by its fever. From Nick Jonas to Virat Kohli, almost everyone around the world is now using the Face App and posting pictures of their old age. This AI-based application became one of the best AI apps for Andoird and has crossed the 100k million mark of downloads within a few days. The app comes with a simple interface, all you have to do is upload a face picture, apply a bunch of cool filters like age, makeup, hairstyle and then save it or share it on online on any of your social media accounts. With the power of AI and app’s smart algorithms, this app can totally tweak your appearance within a few seconds. Try it for yourself? Download now (iOS, Android)

P.S. Just so you know, the app has become widely popular on Instagram that people are literally taking up the #FaceAppChallenge while posting their old age pictures and tagging their friends. Are you ready to join the league?


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Hound is another Artificial Intelligence apps which acts more like a voice assistant that can do wonders with your natural voice. Yes, that’s right! And by natural voice, we mean that you don’t have to talk to Hound like a digital assistant to make a search query. On Hound, you can talk in your normal voice or tone just how you usually speak with your friends and family. When it comes to speed and accuracy, there’s literally no application that can beat Hound’s algorithm. Hound uses voice recognition technology and natural language for processing our search queries to deliver us lightning-fast responses within a blink. Download now (iOS, Android)


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Feeling hesitant to go to a therapist to talk about your personal problems? Well, you have the Youper app now. Youper can be your very-own emotional personal assistant and guide you through your rough times. You can have quick conversations on Youper and share whatever is going on your mind. The app’s AI bases algorithms are designed in a way to improve your emotional health and to lighten up your day. Download now (iOS, Android)

Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak

Want to be fluent in English speaking without spending chunks of money on courses? So, fortunately now you have Elsa Speak as your tutor. This AI-based application can make you learn English while making sure that you pronouncing all the words correctly. You can make this app your very-own personal coach to speak English fluently. What are you waiting for? Download it now (iOS, Android)


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Do your kids always need help for homework? Maybe Socratic app can help them out to make their homework process easier and less stressful. From Math, Science, Chemistry, History, English or any subject, Socratics can get the homework done within a jiffy. All you have to do is simply click a picture of your problem, upload it online and Socratic will offer multiple explanations that can guide you through. Download now (iOS, Android)

We hope you find this list of latest Artificial Intelligence apps pretty useful? These were some of the best AI apps for Android and iOS that can make your day-to-day tasks easier. So, which one from the above-mentioned list is your favorite one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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