Kodi-Everything You Want To Know About

Like many other users, you too might have this question wriggling in your mind, that What is Kodi? Obviously, many of us might’ve heard a lot about Kodi, but there are only few which exactly know what it is. Some say it is player for streaming videos, few misjudge it as a device like Amazon fire stick, and some completely misinterpret it as substitute for cable TV. A mix of opinions but none of them are correct, because Kodi is an open source software using which one can stream his videos, audios and photos which are either stored locally or on a network drive.

Kodi And Its Origin:

Kodi marked its presence in way back year 2002, when it started its journey as Xbox Media Player(XBMP) inside Microsoft, which then further evolved to Xbox Media Centre(XBMC) in 2004. It is estimated that before getting its present that it is molded by more than 500 software coders all-round the globe. After starting its journey from 2002 it was in year 2014 when it finally gets its name “Kodi” by XBMC Foundation (a non-profit organization).

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Who Can Use Kodi?

A quite simple question with a simple answer, anyone. One can use Kodi on any operating systems; i.e. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and even iOS. Due to its wide range Kodi can be used both on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and laptops or MacBook with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X installed. And now with the coming of Smart TV’s along with Smartphones it can be used it on them as well.

What Can I Stream With Kodi?

The first and foremost thing which one should keep in mind and that has been imprinted on Kodi’s Official website that it does not provide any media content by itself. This means whatever a user wishes to stream it should be its own media content that can be either stored locally or on a network drive.


Also adding content for streaming is quite a simple process. One has to just select the type of content he wishes to play like audio, video and then define a source (location where it has been stored) for it.

The video player which Kodi use for playing video content is DVDPlayer, a cross platform in house player. The specialty of this player is that besides its ability to play all the leading video format it can even play the movies which are in RAR or Zip formats.

Again, for audio playback Kodi use its in-house audio player, PAPlayer which supports all the major audio formats along with features like resampling of the audio frequency, gapless playback and crossfading.

How To Make most out of the Kodi:

The real power of Kodi are its Add-ons that enhance its functionality. In true sense, it is due to these Add-ons this simple looking local media streaming software start streaming web content.

kodi featured add on

ImgSource: Kodi.tv

Kodi has a huge repository of Add-ons from which a user can make selection as per his needs. One can install these Add-Ons via the application itself and that too without any extra cost. And what more you do not need to worry regarding their updates as they are automatically updated once their newer version is released.

Can Kodi be an alternate for Cable Tv?

No one can provide the exact answer for this question, this is because one can only playback live TV with various Add-ons. However, these Add-ons only provide either free to air channels or live channels. This means that if you wish to watch all the traditional channels that might be Kodi cannot be of great help.

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Is Kodi legal?

This question keeps on rising now and then. But believe me this is just an irrelevant question, as Kodi is fully legal software. If one is downloading the pirated contents and then playing it via Kodi then it doesn’t mean that Kodi is illegal. Kodi is 100% genuine software and completely legal, and this is the reason that it is still standing firm and tall.

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