Know more about the Technology in Amazon Go Stores – Computer Vision

2017 has begun. Soon your wait for the Amazon Go Stores might be over and all the technology related to the store will be revealed soon. We talked about RFID technology and QR Codes. Today, I am going to discuss about the present applications of one more such important technology in the Amazon Stores that is Computer Vision.

Computer vision is the technology which studies the 3D scene and reconstruct, interrupt and understand the objects in that 3D scene from its 2D images in terms of the properties of the structure present in scene. Computer Vision is concerned with the theory and technology for building artificial systems that obtain information from images or multi-dimensional data.

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In simple terms Computer vision is concerned with modeling and replicating human vision using computer software and hardware.

There is also one more term which is used synonymously for Computer vision is Machine Vision. Computer Vision refers in broad terms to the capture and automation of image analysis with an emphasis on the image analysis function across a wide range of theoretical and practical applications. Machine Vision traditionally refers to the use of computer vision in an industrial application or process where it is necessary to execute a certain function or outcome based on the image analysis done by the vision system.

The primary uses for machine vision are automatic inspection and industrial robot guidance. Hence, now I am going to list some of the practical applications of Computer Vision or we can say applications of Machine Vision:

  1. Automated Train Examiner (ATEx) Systems:


ATEx is suite of wayside condition monitoring systems for railroads. ATEx modules can be installed as stand-alone systems, or they can be combined into a single, multi-module station. The systems capture clear images of vehicle components at normal speed of operation. The images are processed and analyzed automatically, and critical items are identified via e-mail notification or SMS.

  1. Automated Optical Inspection:


AOI is an automated visual inspection of printed circuit board manufacture where a camera autonomously scans the device under the test for both catastrophic failure and quality defects. AOIs for a PCB board with components may inspect it for area defects, component offset, volume defects, excessive solder joints, flipped component, insufficient solder joints and more such features.

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  1. Medical Field:


It is the field with most prominent application of Computer Vision. This area is characterized by the extraction of information from image data for the purpose of making a medical diagnosis of a patient. This image data is in the form of microscopy images, X-ray images, angiography images, ultrasonic images, and tomography images. The information which can be extracted from such image data is detection of tumors, arteriosclerosis or other malign changes.

  1. Eye and Head Tracking Systems:


These systems are not used independently instead with other bigger systems which need these features. The miniature systems that come in this category are Gazepoint (Low-cost eye-trackers), Mirametrix (Free-head eye-tracker), Smart Eye (Systems to track eye and gaze position) and SMI (Eye and Gaze Tracking Systems).

  1. Sports Analysis:


Computer Vision is used in Sports for several kinds of benefits like

  • Improving broadcast and viewer experience.
  • Improving the training process of professional athletes
  • Automatic sports analysis and interpretation
  • Improving Referee decisions
  1. Industrial Automation and Inspection:


Application of Computer Vision could be observed almost across all industries. The basic feature which this technology add to industry processes are Automation of some manual work and Inspection of the intermediate and final products. Some of the industries are: Electronics Industry, Food and Agriculture, Printing and Textiles, Plastics Industry and much more.

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  1. Augmented Reality Systems:


The most prominent applications of Computer vision at present is in the augmented reality systems. Computer vision solutions in augmented reality could be split in three layers:

  • Lowest Level: there is image acquisition and the processing for basic feature extraction, like corners, edges, contours, motion estimation.
  • Intermediate Level: it is the vision processing layer in which the object recognition and tracking can be carried out, including 3D Scene Modelling.
  • Top Level: It is referred as the High-Level Vision. In this the interpretation of the intermediate processing layers is carried out. This interpretation tells about the surroundings and involve the conceptual description of the scene.

Computer Vision is present almost in all industries which adds many features to the existing systems. For example, automation feature, image processing in robotics industry and more.

Soon the people of Seattle would be telling us about how Amazon has implemented this technology in their stores and what feature it adds to the store processing.

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