It is Time for Smartphones to Fade Away but What’s Next?

It has been a long road for Smartphones. A Decade has passed and the world has seen the best smartphones with the latest technology and an unbeatable camera quality and more.

Rise and Fall is the way very technology comes and goes. With all the recent inventions of cool software and gadgets, it seems like soon, it would be the end of an era for Smartphones.

Smartphones to fade way

Back in 2000, when the first smartphone was launched. Nobody thought, one day it would be able to replace the full-blown computers. The day, when first iPhone was launched in 2007, that was the time when the revolution of smartphone started.  Since then, there was no turning back. The technology started from simplifying the way we communicate, but then it went on and evolved in such a manner, now we are all dependent on our smartphones.

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Soon the desktops were not used to send an e-mail, chat with a buddy or play video games, every trait was absorbed by the device which was handy and amazing.

It went on changing and finally evolved into a device that we have with us today. Shop for groceries or clothes, write an e-mail or invite your friends to play games, read articles or prepare your assignments, there is nothing that a smartphone cannot do.

With Infinity display and DSLR-like camera lens embedded on phones, HD screens with the splendid resolution of 2960*1440, it had enough of innovation.

A question rises, what now!

What Now?

Smartphones to fade way 1

For a while, it was thought that the wearable gadgets, with call receiving, text sending and music controlling features along with advanced fitness sensors would be the new successor to the throne. But to our dismay, it doesn’t have the potential to survive or stand in the line of succession due to the low processor and small battery life. Even if these are attained but it could not compete with the infinity display and HD resolution. So, it is a big no for it.

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It leaves us with the latest technologies introduced Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Recently launched smartphones have dug their own grave by introducing new gadgets. The gadgets or the technologies were introduced to complement the devices. On the contrary, there are going to be the future.

Remember J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System)! Iron Man’s highly advanced computerized A.I. what if it replaces today’s technology.


Let’s take an overview of what are these technologies.

Smartphones to fade way

Virtual Reality is a world of imaginary things; It is a use of computer technology to generate simulated environment per se space or under water and can generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations. To experience it, you need VR headsets like Oculus Rift headset, Day Dream headsets (yet to be launched).

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Wherein Augmented Reality (AR) is a blend of a virtual and real environment as it generates imaginary things in the real world and you can differentiate between the two. You can experience the technology on your smartphone, tablet or AR glasses.

Both technologies sound mesmerizing and alluring but there must be more to it. As you can’t carry a VR headset along with you everywhere you go. Eventually, smart glasses would come into being. Then again, not everyone wants to wear glasses all the time.

But we can expect that the smart glasses will be just the start of what’s next, we will soon be witnessing the rise of smart lenses or mind reading tech as Facebook announced.

Sadly, the smartphone would not be the talk of town soon, but it would not extinct completely, as there are still people who prefer desktop over smartphone.

The question that arises here is what would happen to our privacy with the progression of the technology. With this advancement, there is a trepidation that people would prefer to interact with their phones rather than real world therefore not only smartphone would be replenished by these technologies but the society will suffer as well.

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