Is Quantum Computing Scarier Than Artificial Intelligence?

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and many others have done their part of warning us about the harm which Artificial Intelligence is capable of, but do you know there is another technology, equally powerful that may pose threat to humanity? Wondering what it is? Quantum Computing! Well, now there are two of them against us!

If we take a closer look, quantum computers seem to come straight from the movies and so does the concept of artificial intelligence. A computer that is capable of outperforming humans and an intelligence that will surpass the competencies of humans! Most of you might be thinking that we are in a way digging up our own graves, but how much do your thoughts differ from reality? Read more and get enlightened!

quantum computers
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To draw any conclusion, first we must know why do we fear these amazing technologies taking over!

 Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

Talking about artificial intelligence, we’re frightened that their intelligence will go out of control and they’ll replicate themselves exponentially to take control from us. Basically, we fear being slaves to the machines who are more intelligent than us! Coming to quantum computing, the confidential data we own is protected by RSA algorithm that uses two large prime numbers and a lot of calculation. With our traditional systems, it will take years to decode the RSA protected data, but if quantum computing grows at the same momentum, then it will get decoded in minutes. Well, it seems harmless, but then imagine the consequences of being vulnerable to hacking all the time because of quantum computing! A bit disturbing!

Should We Fear These Two?

Not for now! If the researches on these are to be trusted then, quantum computing may take another decade to hit the market and artificial intelligence too would take similar amount of time to materialize.

AI and QC

It was said that if matrix ever became reality, then it will be running on the quantum computers implementing the machine learning algorithms of AI. We don’t need to fear these two now, individually! We still have a solid decade to get prepared. But still these two won’t be as scary as expected, but something will be for sure!

What Should Frighten Us?

These two technologies, individually may harm us but not anytime soon! The combination of these two should bug us at the moment. It has been found out that Artificial Intelligence will lead us to develop quantum computers.

Scientists have stated that, “quantum systems are capable of various configurations, but when studied they tend to fall into just one.” To make we get to analyze other configurations, the tests and measurements have to be taken again and again. This was, is and will remain the most daunting task for the researchers! But with the involvement of AI, this will no longer be an uphill task because with machine learning, quantum systems can be reconstructed! Even with limited data.


If so is the case, then it will significantly reduce the time taken to create a quantum computer. Subsequently, all our systems may fail because we’ll not be ready for quantum computing!

There is no denying the fact that so many good things can be done such as better weather forecasting, financial analysis, logistical planning, the search for planets, and drug experiment and what not! But it will also open up whole new horizon for security issues! The worst part is, we are not yet sure that we need to be prepared for this or create combat mechanisms!

To cope with the emerging trends, we’ll have to upgrade a lot! However, we can’t deny that these technologies will upgrade our lives for good as well. As we are not in any position to make conclusions now, all we can do is wait for these technologies to be available for general use.

Till then, we can embrace our sanity without being worried about machines taking over!

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