Is It Safe To Use Free VPN? What Are You Compromising On?

It is a human tendency that we easily fall for the things that come for free. But is it ok to trust anything you get for free? Well, the answer is no! One of the examples of freebies available that could sabotage your privacy and security is free VPN.  While using free VPN has its own perks but it is said that you could imperil your life and your sensitive data by visiting untrusted and suspected sites.


Is It Safe To Use Free VPN What Are You Compromising On

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Now, the question is, is it safe to use free VPN with all the risks involved? If no, then what are you compromising on?  So, let’s check it out!

What is a Free VPN?

 VPN (Virtual Private Network) is known as one of the most versatile and handy online services worldwide, which provide digital privacy for its users by encrypting the internet traffic.

VPNs lets you hide your current location. In fact, you can use the internet like you belongs to the different country. Moreover, it is useful to get geo-blocked info and service like US Netflix to watch popular series. VPN also cost under 100 dollars for an entire year, which is quite less as compared to the benefits you’re getting.

Are Free VPN Services Safe To Use?

Most people assume paid and free VPN services are the same thing and provide same quality content but in reality, it is not the same thing at all.  However, using a VPN service always comes with a few restrictions and limitations. Even worse, some of the VPNs can be forged and they might contain hidden risks which can’t be easily identified.

Moreover, in case, you unblock content in a country where it is illegal like Vietnam, then you might face consequences (if authorized get to know about it).

So, it is always important to use trusted and premium VPN services to defend your info and you overall. Well, there is no lie that majority of the free VPNs doesn’t validate your confidentiality.

The Downside Of Using Free VPN Services:

  • It doesn’t provide any helpline number or customer support.
  • You may get unstable connections, low-quality data, and slow speed.
  • It might sell your information to 3rd party advertisers.
  • These are untrusted services that use basic and insecure protocols.
  • Free VPN might insert java or scripts into your computer for advertising.

What Are You Compromising On?

Using free VPN can pose a serious risk to your confidentiality. We have listed some of them.

1. Track Your Data & Sell It For Profit

 VPNs are usually known for its encryption so that you can browse without sharing your identity. It hides your ISP and other data so that your ISP will be hiding and your data is not out for other people for any purposes like advertising or other promotions.

Using VPN, encrypts data and forwards it through the VPN servers, and moreover your ISP is masked and your identity is hidden. Although, VPN companies can see every move you have made. However, there are only a few exceptions that follow what you’re up to.

Normally, the majority of the firms have restrictions and confidentiality policies not to track the customer’s activities.

2. Purloining Your Bandwidth

 There is the possibility that your free VPN is purloining your bandwidth and vending it to third-party firms for unknown uses. In fact, via VPN, marketing firms could use your info to move traffic on the internet. Well, it happened in past as well, Hola was accused of stealing bandwidth from customers and vending the data to Luminati.

3. Injecting Malware And Virus

 This is the most common traits in free VPN services to get the confidential data from your machine by injecting virus and malware.

4. Traffic Leaks

 Traffic leaks take place when the IP address is disclosed from the VPN tunnel, posing a risk of revealing your data, identity and other info. However, VPN is to protect your identity and data.

The basic objective of using VPN is to secure your IP address and sensitive data so, if your VPN doesn’t come with these capabilities, then it is better to not have it.

Although, not only free VPNs have traffic leaks as there are many paid VPNs who get caught in the middle of this and ended up having the unfortunate traffic leaks.

Which VPN Service You Should Use?

 It is always recommended to go with paid VPN services, as they are much more secure than the free VPN services and provide security and protection for your valuable data. However, there aren’t any entirely safe online VPN service, no matter what VPN you use.

The Bottom Line

 As nothing comes for free, these free VPN services aren’t really free. You never know when you end up paying for it in unexpected and unforeseen ways.

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