Is It Possible to Hack iPhone X?

When it comes to maintaining user’s secrecy and data safety, no one can match Apple’s close-ended platform. This is one of the reasons why Apple has a consistent user base and has set a benchmark. Although, wouldn’t it be appalling if we tell you that your anniversary edition iPhone has a backdoor that makes it possible to hack the device without jailbreaking?

Yes, it is possible due to a backdoor that was created to give access to San Bernardino attackers password protected phones. Over the years, Apple has advanced and has always provided its user’s data protection. That is, no one can access the protected phone without the protection key. However, when FBI asked Apple to make a secret hidden path to infiltrate the phones of San Bernardino attackers a backdoor was created.

But later, FBI backed down and used a third-party application to access protected phones data. During this time someone got access to the backdoor that could risk data of iPhone users.

This backdoor was created back in 2016 and still exists in new iPhone X. By using it, hackers can unlock encrypted phones. The device that can make this impossible thing possible is called Graykey. It is developed by a company called Grayshift whose aim is to help legal agencies to fight against crime. Moreover, this gadget can unlock disabled phones as well.

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How Does Cracking Take Place?

The device Graykey has two cables that are connected to the phone which loads a software allowing iPhone to jailbreak. The device needs to be connected for 2 minutes, after which the hack takes place.

Once this process is successfully completed a black screen is displayed on the phone after which the user needs to enter the password. Once that is provided, decryption of the phone happens and Graykey has access to the password. This way iPhone’s content is downloaded to the device, including the encrypted data and all contents of the keychain.

This means that no iPhone is secure and can be easily hacked using this device. It doesn’t matter which iPhone you have; your data might be at risk. Sad isn’t it, that Apple’s encryption is no longer secure?

Is This Gadget Available For Public?

So far, nobody except the law enforcing agencies have it but no one knows when the device can fall into wrong hands.

Our View

Apple should take this matter seriously and should close the backdoor ASAP. This backdoor may not be a threat now but it definitely weakens iPhone security and puts confidential, sensitive information in danger if the iPhone were stolen.

Though, the intention behind developing the device isn’t wrong but anyway loopholes always decrease the security of a device.

This information is scary, but it makes us realize a fact that nothing is secure. No matter how hard we try, hackers also find a way to infiltrate our system. The only way to stay protected is to learn from our mistakes and promise not to repeat them. It may appear as a small backdoor to which no one has access to as of now, but we never know when bad guys may have their hands on it and pose the risk of data theft.

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