Is Face Unlock Safe Enough to Protect Your Smartphone’s Privacy?

Whether you’re a teenager or a septuagenarian, a smartphone is the only gadget that can keep us entertained no matter where we are. Imaging a life without a smartphone is almost impossible. Apart from helping us connect with our friends and family, it also acts as an all-time favorite entertainment source. From clicking selfies to watching videos, there’s so much we can do with our smartphones—no wonder why they are our favorite companion.

We cannot carry bulky laptops with us everywhere, and smartphones come in handy on the other hand. Almost all our important data (personal or professional) is stuffed in our smartphone. But what all measures you take in order to protect your smartphone’s privacy? Is your phone password protected? Have you enabled Touch ID on your device? How safe is face unlock? Don’t worry! We have answers to all your dilemmas.

Protecting your Device with Face Unlock

Protecting your Device with Face Unlock
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If we take a look at the latest smartphone models, Face Unlock has surely become a millennial trend which almost every tech company is following. Face unlock is said to be one of the safest and authenticate way of securing your smartphone. Face unlocking is not just safe but is a convenient way of unlocking your device. All we have to do is take a look at our device, and it unlocks immediately in a snap. This whole process of unlocking your device is Face ID is truly magical.

But the question in concern here is how safe is Face unlock? Is Face ID enough to protect your smartphone’s privacy? Can we blindly rely on this technology? Well, let’s shed some light on this issue as we will highlight various aspects in this blog post regarding the same.

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Can Face Unlocking Technology Be Easily Fooled?

Talking of major tech giants, Apple was the first company to roll out Face ID authentication to protect our devices. Prior to Face ID, it was Touch ID which created a huge buzz in this industry as it read fingerprint info to unlock the device. But with the launch of iPhone X, Face ID became a viral trend which almost every smartphone manufacturer wants to follow. And now whether it’s Samsung or OnePlus flagship, almost every smartphone comes with a Face unlocking feature. In fact, it has become one of the biggest selling points in the industry.

Can Face Unlocking Technology Be Easily Fooled
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But how fair are the chances that hackers can fool this technology to gain unauthorized access to your device? What all will it take? They simply have to replicate your facial print which is like a piece of cake for cybercriminals. Well, obviously Face ID is much secure than Touch ID or a passcode but that doesn’t ensure that it’s enough to protect your device.

Face ID Might Make You Vulnerable to Privacy Attacks

Face ID Might Make You Vulnerable to Privacy Attacks
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If once any hacker gets access to your facial print info, they can then use this information to violate your privacy. Whether it’s Face ID or Touch ID, it’s simple for hackers to avail your biometric information. They can either do it via physical force where they forceful place your finger or face against the phone’s sensor to unlock the device. And if not this, cyber criminals can also indulge in smart tricks where they take out a HD print photograph of your face and try unlocking your device through that. Maybe not in the first go, but there’s a slight possibility that your device may get unlocked through this cheap trick, right?

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So, is Face ID Bad or Great?

Well, there are flaws in almost every technology! It really depends on how far a hacker goes in planning the attack. So, what we recommend you is be extra cautious and don’t completely rely on Face ID. If its possible, enable an added layer of security as well, like a passcode or pattern lock to keep your device safe and secure from any kind of data violation attempt.

So is Face ID Bad or Great
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One of the best bets of protecting your smartphone is locking it down with an alphanumeric passcode, as it’s tough to crack. Even if you’re using Face ID for pomp and show, make sure you are also relying on a password as an added layer of protection.

We hope we have cleared your doubts on if face unlock is safe enough or not to protect your smartphone’s privacy? Always keep a close eye and be extra cautious while dealing with gadgets. Our smartphone is like our lifeline and we sure don’t want our private stuff to be exposed.

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  • Shashank
    Apple claims that they use Infrared technology to ensure that the phone recognizes the difference between a picture and a human face. Doesn’t that make the phone safer? Also, I believe there is a setting to see if the person is looking at the camera while unlocking (attention) so that no one can unlock the phone without the owner knowing.
    Anyone can use brute force to make you give up your passcode… that is always a possibility

    3 years ago Reply
    • We The Geek Team
      Hi Shashank,

      Yes, we agree. Although there are other cheap smartphones available in the market whose Face unlocking security algorithms are not as sound as Apple’s. So, you just have to be extra cautious of device specifications when it comes to security.

      3 years ago Reply

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