Is Cloud Storage A Credible Solution?

The need for online storage services is increasing rapidly. Cloud storage services serve both individuals and organizations by keeping their data securely stored in their servers. However, the significant rise of awareness to backup important data has opened the doors to online data storage services. But are these services credible in the long run? What challenges could these cloud storage providers possibly face? Let’s evaluate the chances of cloud storage services to sustain in the forthcoming conditions.

Dealing With Data

cloud storage dealing with data

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Data is generated whenever an action is performed in the digital ecosystem. Anyhow, you need to store important data to utilize it.

Earlier, information was stored in physical storage devices like hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. People were entirely dependent on these devices to store their data. Today, with the help of high-speed Internet, cloud storage has become practical.

Do you know that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes data are generated per day? Google alone manages 2 trillion searches per year and stores 10 exabytes i.e. 10 billion gigabytes. As 50% of the world’s population can access the Internet, you can imagine how daunting would be the total amount of data generated in the entire world.

Note:- It is estimated that more than 40 zettabytes data would be created by 2020.

It’s difficult to contain such enormous data pile on physical storage devices.

Infrastructural Accountability

Cloud storage with massive facilities holds the key to the problem. It’s developing at an exponential rate and hence is capable of accommodating the entire world’s digital information. We know about the limitations of using regular storage methods.

However, cloud storage users face issues like downtime, unplanned outages like hardware faults, and other uncontrollable conditions like natural calamities. They stop users from storing their data remotely as it could lead to catastrophic problems eventually. Academic teams have to work on such issues.

Seeking Durability In Devices

Cloud is a resilient technology and researchers are developing durable hardware that can sustain data for prolonged time. University of Southampton are developing a device named as the ‘eternal’ device. As the name says, the storage device has amazing features like handling 1000 degree Celsius temperature or comprising a lifetime of 13.8 billion years at a high temperature of 190 degrees. It is shaped like a coin and can store 360 terabyte data in it. It uses laser to create nanostructure dots to store information in it. The device is much more durable than hard drive and other present storage devices.

Such devices are examples of how technology is going to tackle the issue of durability and capacity in storage devices. It could solve the issue of credibility in cloud storage by negating the above mentioned catastrophic events.

However, cloud storage services are much credible than classical alternatives. It is more affordable, scalable and durable than physical storage devices. However, cloud providers must continue to improve methods to store data in the cloud.

Although cloud providers are working on the credibility factor, other features of the cloud outweigh many negative aspects.

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