Is Artificial Intelligence Eating The Need Of Software Developers?

There is a remarkable rise in the organizations that are striving hard to improve Artificial Intelligence which is giving the professionals of different sectors nightmares. There is a possibility that they lose their jobs, but do the software developers need to fear? According to experts, developers have already started to show signs of discomfort because they think that the need of software will be eliminated soon and their jobs will cease to exist.

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Well, are they correct? There are some possibilities which have made them conclude the same, let’s take a quick glance at them!

Automating Code Reviews And Code Checking

We’re striving to create an AI that is efficient enough to code, but then we will no longer need humans to check the codes produced. The machines will check and  comment out the bad chunk of code. Eventually, they’ll be able to fix the erroneous code and human experts will be required only to double-check the operations performed.

Declarative Programming Model

The machines will not work as we do! They’ll use a declarative model in which they’ll write codes using natural language. All we would need to do is specify the functional and non-functional requirements to the AI-powered machine and rest will be taken care of without any human involvement. Yet another thing which is sowing the seeds of fear in human experts.

Automatic Development And Test Automation

We need to manually deploy the applications and programs, but with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence a pipeline would established with which the machines will continually upload the updates to improve the software. Also, in case of any disaster, they’ll take the necessary actions to perform what’s needed such as taking backups or performing rollback operations!

Entire Software Lifecycle

Developing a machine equipped with machine learning can learn from various scenarios and implement the same when required. Even the maintenance would be done by the machines and humans will only be required to supervise, not to perform the coding or testing part.

So, when we talk about the fear of developers, it is not baseless. The role of software developers will be replaced by algorithms of AI and machine learning. This will reduce the cost exponentially and the need for manpower will fall.

Fast forward to a few more years, software will no longer be required as AI will be able to perform a variety of tasks without any application or software. Also, it has been conveyed that AI will entirely eliminate the need of software because the algorithms will learn the implementation of the software that are being used.


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Therefore we can conclude that the uneasiness shown by the developers is not obsolete. They might take away the jobs of the software experts but definitely we’ll have to wait for a while for this to take shape. Today, the AI created is not in position to take precise decisions in the field of software creation and testing. And thus we cannot rely on them for the maintenance of the software as well. They definitely have the potential to transform the industry one day, but that day is not today! Presently, we must focus on teaching the machines via effective algorithms. The danger will only arise if we are able to do so in an uncontrolled way, otherwise the need of software, software developers, and their jobs will stay!

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