Is AppleCare Worth It? What Does It Cover, How Much It Costs

Boom, boom, boom! Something fell down the stairs! 

Immediately I saw my younger brother running down with a high-pitched scream. 

I ran down to him, worrying that he was hurt. Fortunately, he was alright. 

I saw him picking up our MacBook Pro. I opened the lid expecting a black or flickering screen, but everything was working perfectly. 

That was the time, I thought to myself ‘I should protect my investment, I should have insurance that would pay for the repairs’. 

Fortunately, there’s one to protect Apple Products and it’s AppleCare. So, is it worth it?

Is AppleCare Worth It

Most of the Apple utilities come with a one-year limited warranty which covers hardware failures and any manufacturing defects. You also have 90 days of free tech support as well. In case any user wants to extend the coverage, the company offers a dedicated protection plan – AppleCare & AppleCare+.

We are delving deeper into AppleCare and deciding whether the plan is worth it for your needs!

What Is AppleCare & AppleCare+?

Here’s a brief explanation about both the protection plans that Apple proffers:

AppleCare Is A Basic Warranty Plan 

AppleCare is a standard insurance policy offered by the company and each of your Apple devices will come with one year of AppleCare. It covers issues and problems like the malfunctioning of a power button, dead screen, a software bug, or anything that fails due to the act of God. With AppleCare, you also get up to 90 days of free tech support through calls. The entire AppleCare plan is free of cost and automatically comes with every Apple product.

AppleCare Plus Adds Another Year & An Accidental Damage Coverage

On the other hand, AppleCare Plus includes benefits of AppleCare in addition to an extra year of warranty coverage (means you have two years of coverage for Macs), free phone support, accidental damage coverage.

  • For the majority of the products, it can cover ‘up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage’.
  • There’s a deductible depending on every type of damage & the device.

Is AppleCare Worth It

Although you have to pay for the deductible, AppleCare protection plans certainly come cheaper when it comes to paying for repair damage at full prices. So, at some point, the coverages can be worthwhile!

REMEMBER: You need to add AppleCare Plus just after the point-of-purchase within 90 days of a period. You need to submit your proof-of-purchase and run necessary remote diagnostic tests to prove that your device is in a perfect state and working properly.

PROS & CONS: AppleCare Plus 


  • Offers peace of mind.
  • Theft & loss cover is added in certain plans.
  • 24*7 priority access to Apple experts.


  • Some plans can be expensive.
  • Have to buy the plan within 60 days of buying your device.
  • Repairs can be cheaper elsewhere.

What Does AppleCare + Cover?

Now let’s take a closer look at the prices of AppleCare Plus and see whether it is worth different kinds of Apple products or not.

For iPhone: Check out the multiple offerings of AppleCare Plus for iPhone models:

For iPhone

What Does It Cover? 

Devices Covered AppleCare Plus Benefit AppleCare Plus Benefit With Theft & Loss Coverage*
For iPhone 7 & 8 $129 $199
For iPhone 7+, 8+, 11, XR  $149 $249
For iPhone XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max $199 $299
(Service Fees isn’t included yet)

*You must have Find My App switched on to claim this protection!

Verdict: WORTH IT! 

iPhone screen damages are probably one of the most common problems users face. Plus, if you have a habit of losing things, there’s an additional reason you need to purchase the AppleCare Plus plan for the iPhone.


For Mac: Here’s a breakdown of pricing plans available for different models.

For Mac

What Does It Cover?

Devices Covered AppleCare Plus Benefit
Mac Mini  $99
iMac $169
iMac Pro  $169
MacBook  $249
Mac Pro $299
MacBook Air  $249
13-inch MacBook Pro $269
15-inch MacBook Pro $379

Verdict: WORTH IT! 

The AppleCare Plus plans cover the computer, the battery, and accessories like power adapter, AirPort, and Apple USB SuperDrive as well. Two accidental damage coverage is also offered by the AppleCare Plus plan.


For Apple Display: With AppleCare Plus, you can enjoy up to three years of extended warranty.

For Apple Display

What Does It Cover?

Screen Damage  $99
Other Damages  $299

Verdict: NOT WORTH IT! 

It’s quite difficult to damage the upright screen. So, getting the AppleCare+ plan might not be too good of a true deal. But if you move a lot from one place to another, getting the protection plan might be a worthwhile investment. The plan covers two accidental damages and gives protection for the screen, the power cord & the Apple-branded stand and mount.


For iPad: The protection plan extends up to two accidental damage instances. For different devices, the AppleCare Plus plan includes:

For iPad

What Do I Get?

iPad, iPad Air & iPad Mini  $69
iPad Pro  $129
(Service Fees isn’t included yet)


If you are someone who constantly travels with the iPad, there’s a good probability of breaking the device similar to the iPhone. So, it might be a worthy deal to get AppleCare + for iPad.


For Apple Watch: Each incident is subjected to a certain amount of service fees plus tax.

For Apple Watch

What Does It Cover?

Apple Watch Series SE & 3 $49
Apple Watch Series 4, 5 & 6 $79


With AppleCare Plus, you can enjoy extended coverage and up to two accidental damages every 24 months. The protection plan gives coverage for the Watch, its battery, the charging cable, and also the power adapter.

Read Also: Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors 


For Apple TV: The extended warranty for Apple TV is probably the last thing you’d buy, but the company is happy to provide you one.

For Apple TV

What Does It Cover?

For Regular Apple TV & The 4K Edition  $29


Similar to other Apple products, you get to enjoy the extended two years warranty and free support. You can get troubleshooting help related to iCloud, renting, or buying from iTunes, AirPlay, and more. Both, the AirPort router & Siri Remote is covered within the plan. But at last, it’s just a box and doesn’t go anywhere, so you have to decide whether AppleCare+ is useful for your Smart TV or not.

People Also Ask: 

Q1. Can I Transfer AppleCare Plus Plan To Another User?

If the plan was paid completely, you have two options:

  • Transfer the plan to the new owner
  • Cancel the AppleCare Plus plan and  get a refund

Q2. Is My Apple Device Eligible For AppleCare Plus?

If you want to check whether your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is eligible for the protection plan or not. You have to go to the Settings > General > About > Hit AppleCare+ Coverage Available.

Q3. How Do I Check The Remaining Apple Warranty?

Navigate to and simply sign in with your Apple ID. Choose your device and hit the option View Proof of Coverage.

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