Is AI Creating Or Destroying Jobs For Humans?

Automation has certainly destroyed several jobs, but the same cannot be expected from AI. On contrary to common belief, the new researches have suggested that the Artificially Intelligent machines will need manpower in its initial stage. There are several things that an AI machine is capable of doing, yet it is still not equipped with knowledge comparative to humans. We, the humans lag behind these machines in conducting web research, speak and translate in almost every language, and playing poker, but these machines won’t replace us anytime soon!

In case you do not agree, read further. We have enough reasons to justify. First and foremost, AI machines cannot work until they are triggered with a logic and have sources of information to act accordingly. Moreover, these machines are not spontaneous enough. For example, if one of our plan fails, we quickly come up with the second one so that the loss can be minimized. Such is not the case with AI machines. Unless they are not equipped with the knowledge, they cannot act!

AI Destroying jobs for human

Moreover, human brain cannot be cloned yet. Some professionals have given it a try and are still working to replicate it so that the machines could be made smarter. So far, experts convey that we are nowhere near to that. In order to the same, we need to understand the working of our brain and re-engineer it. AI and computing experts have reported that the supercomputers that exist today consume an enormous amount of energy, but our brain is capable of completing similar tasks without doing so. However, it takes time but it does not waste energy by running several applications in the background or surfing through the irrelevant data. We have access to a certain information only when we need it!

Should We Fear Machines Taking Over?

We cannot ignore the fact that we have built machines that are capable of unleashing their full potential and leave us behind in some cases. They are able to work indefinitely, are accurate in performing repetitive tasks, process huge amount of information swiftly, and many others. So, if your job is doing anything related to these, then yes! You should fear AI. We cannot sit idle or overlook the developments that might help us in the long run, and thus we got to know more about the competencies of these machines. The knowledge is what will help us in future in both better and worse conditions.

Destroying jobs for human


Yes, the AI is broadening its horizons each day, but to develop something that can compete human-level perfection still remains a dream. The replication of human behaviour is quite captivating but thinking, perceiving, analysing, deducing, and responding spontaneously is still a far-fetched dream.

We must also come to grip that this kind of AI may turn out be our best buddy but has potential to get transformed to our biggest foe as well. We need to take a step back, and evaluate what the AI machines and robots can do to help mankind, instead of looking at it as a problem. Simply put, none of the machines can replace us until we lose our humanity entirely!

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