How to Make iPhone Text More Legible While Browsing the Web

Whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, iOS has got a pretty intuitive interface. Everything is neatly and correctly lined up from home screen icons to text formatting to options to customize the interface. You must use your iPhone or iPad often while surfing the web, isn’t it? From browsing on Safari, searching anything online, checking emails, reading articles, or be it anything.

How to Make iPhone Text More Legible
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So, if you’re fond of reading, then we’ve got a few Safari tips and tricks for you that can enhance your reading experience on iOS devices. Let’s explore a few ways of how to make iPhone text more readable and easier to understand.

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Use the Reader View

As most of us tend to use Safari as a default browser, let’s start our list with Safari’s Reader View option. While using the Safari browser, have you ever noticed the “aA” icon on the title bar? Well, if you tap on this icon, you get to switch to Safari’s Reader view.

Use the Reader View
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Once you switch to the reader view, Safari automatically changes the existing web page and tries to make it more content-rich while wiping off all other distractions. In the Reader View mode, the web page gets formatted to become more comprehensible and legible.

In Safari’s Reader View, you can also use a bunch of text formatting options to resize, shrink or enlarge the content, as per your reading preference. Some websites also offer you a choice to change the color of the font and choose any color-scheme that you like.

iPhone Text More Legible While Browsing the Web

Pro Tip: If you frequently visit a website for reading, you can also change its setting to switch to the reader mode whenever you access the web page. To do so, tap the “aA” icon, select “Website Settings” and enable the “Use Reader Mode Automatically” option. Once you enable this option, you won’t have to manually switch to reader mode, each time you access the website.

Customize Accessibility Options

Apart from tweaking Safari’s settings, you can also use the in-built default accessibility options of iOS to enhance your reading experience.

Customize Accessibility Options

Head on to Settings> Accessibility> Display and Text Size. You can customize a few settings like enabling the ‘Bold Text”, “Larger Text” options to make the text more readable.

Enable Speak Selection

One of the biggest reliefs that technology has offered to readers is by inventing the text narration option. Whenever your eyes are straining, you can ask your device to read the selected text. Amazing, isn’t it?

And yes, you can use this option while browsing on Safari as well. To enable Speak Selection, here’s what you need to do. Head on to Settings> Accessibility> Spoken Content.

Enable Speak Selection

The “Spoken Content” offers you two choices, one where you can make your iPhone read the entire content displayed on the screen, and others where it just narrates the selected text.

Enabling the “Speak Screen” option will allow your device to read the entire text displayed on the screen as you swipe down the screen from the top with two fingers.

Enabling the "Speak Screen"

To read the selective text, you can enable the “Speak Selection” option that pops up a “Speak” button when you select a text.


If you’re an avid reader who prefers to enjoy reading more than playing games or texting with friends, we’re sure this article will prove helpful. This wraps up our guide on how to make iPhone text more readable and understandable.

Make the most of these hacks for a pleasant reading experience!

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