An All-New iPhone App (S!Ng) Lets Anybody Mint An NFT Token – For Free

A new iOS free app called S!ng is now available for users who want to mint an NFT token consisting of creation on the Ethereum Blockchain. This cryptographic token helps identify the owner of a digital asset which means you can use it for copyrighting images and audio files. This app also allows users to sell their NFT tokens to others online. This type of transaction is monitored by maximum or minimum selling price which means that you can sell your creation for anything you like.

Image Courtesy: S!ng

You might know that an NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a unit of data on a blockchain. An NFT represents unique data and comprises digital files like audio and video files, images, and art as well as other forms of creative work.

Non-Fungible Token
Image Courtesy: Apple

The main advantage of using S!ng app is that it is free, unlike other apps which require somewhere between $50 to $100 worth of Ether cryptocurrency to create NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. S!ng maintains its Ethereum-based blockchain to mint NFTs so you can create them for free. But this would cost S!ng and there must be some way to recover those costs. When asked, the company states that currently, it is focussing on building a customer base. It may introduce a payment model for large files and storage space shortly.

payment model
Image Credit: S!ng

S!ng is cofounded by Geoff Osler who was an ex-employee with Apple along with some singers like Raine Maida. The main aim behind this app was to improve the procedure of safeguarding intellectual property. Osler states “The genesis of the entire S!ng platform was intellectual property as it pertains to the invention for patents”. To complete the S!ng project, Osler has received valuable inputs from Chase Jarvis who is a professional photographer as well as Ericka Coulter from Epic Records and musicians including DJ Nu-Mark and Rasta Root, not forgetting producer Jake One.

The only problem with NFTs is the misconceptions that have floated the market and made the news. One of the most common misconceptions is that the cost of any artwork or digital media is very high via NFT because of the cost of the NFT technology along with the added cost of Ethereum BlockChain. In reality, this is not so and Osler believes that the prices of NFT media will fall and focus on the ownership of digital art or media.

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