iPhone 7: New Features in Old Package

Yes, the highly awaited iPhone 7 is finally here and we have correctly predicted several of its newer features. Despite minimal changes in overall design compared to previous generation, iPhone 7 brings several new changes in its functioning. We already know about its several features such as dual camera, wireless earphones, new processor and improved storage space. But what are the features that make it different and better than older generations? Let’s take a brief look.

  • Stereo Speakers

While removal of audio jack can cause fan outrage, external speakers will sound much better on the new iPhone. Unlike the 6th generation, iPhone 7 has been provided with an additional speaker for a stereo sound, compared to iPhone 6’s mono output.

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  • Brighter Display

Changing the camera would be totally pointless if they used the same display from iPhone 6. Thankfully your photographs and all graphical content will look even better on iPhone 7’s screen. Compared to the older screen’s luminosity of 500 cd/m2, it boasts a brightness level of 625 cd/m2.


  • Home Button Overhaul

This is a major change from the older generations as there is no visible home button now. Instead, the designers at Apple decided to introduce a touch-sensitive key, integrated in the screen. Hence, instead of pressing an actual button you simply need to tap. This might take some time getting used to, but is a major departure from older designs.

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  • Better Battery Life

With an improved processor and enhanced camera functions, it is certain that your phone would require a heavy battery backup. Fortunately, this problem has been taken into account by Apple. They claim that iPhone 7 can provide up to 11 hours of LTE browsing, which is a significant improvement over 6S’ 10-hour backup.


  • Lightweight Body

If you’re not really impressed by iPhone 7’s design changes, it will certainly impress you through its lightweight body. Compared to 6S, iPhone 7’s overall weight has been reduced by almost 10 g, while retaining its overall size.

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  • Enhanced Durability

No more a delicate darling, iPhone 7 is much more durable than all of its previous generations. We have discussed how it features the same water resistance as the new Apple Watch. It means that your phone will still work after you’ve spilled hot coffee on it. Its new design also offers significant protection against dust accumulation.


The iPhone 7 is certainly a major technological improvement, even though the older design has been retained to a large extent. Nevertheless, there are reports of Apple saving their new designs for 2017. Hence those who were looking for a fresh design might get disappointed. But for those looking forward to new features will be satiated for sure, till the next iPhone makes an appearance.

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