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iOS 9 is here, with enhancements you’ll love. Apple has finally rolled out its much awaited iOS 9 update. With every update comes the urge to see what Apple has been up to with its iteration. This update is full of optimization and performance enhancements. Let’s check them out.


    1. OS Size – 1.3 GB

Yes, you read that right! The iOS 8 update was a humongous 4.58 GB in size and that made it really difficult for users with 16 GB iPhones to free that much space. With iOS 9 however, space shouldn’t really be a problem since the size of the update is only 1.3 GB.


  1. Apps Drawer

The way you switch between apps has now been redesigned. You’ll see apps placed on top of each other, giving you the feel of a stack of cards, with the app names appearing on the top. The transition effects are superbly smooth. The recent contact list however, has been moved out of the app drawer and to the Siri suggestions feature.

Picture 2


  1. Siri Suggestions

Siri is more powerful with this update. Scroll down from the home screen and Siri will show you apps you recently visited. This makes it easy for you to access recently used apps. Scrolling left from the home screen will show you recent contacts along with app suggestions.

Picture 3  Picture 4

  1. Search options for Settings

Settings panel has now got a search bar. Go to Settings option and scroll down; you’ll be able to see the search bar. Simply type the setting you are looking for in the search field and it will appear in the search results within seconds.

Picture 5

  1. Lowercase keyboard

This one makes sense. Previously, we have all seen the keyboard with only uppercase characters (even when typing in lowercase). Apple has finally added a lowercase keyboard. Tap the shift key to see the lowercase keyboard.

Picture 6


  1. New Battery settings

Finally, a new “Battery” option has been added to the Settings menu. Besides the Battery Percentage, a Low Power Mode option has also been provided. Users use it to add extra hours to battery life. It works by turning off background app refresh, automatic updates, mail fetch etc. It also shows battery usage per app and the time spent in each app in the Battery Usage section.

Picture 7 Picture 8


  1. In-built apps (stock apps)

iOS 9 alone is 1.53GB in size, but it brings with it some stock apps too. They are fun! Pages, iMovie, Numbers, iCloud Drive, Keynote, Find iPhone, Find Friends & Feedback come as titbits with this major update.

Picture 9


  1. Extended security (6-digit passcode)

With iOS 9, users can now set a 6-digit passcode for enhanced security. So now there are 999,999 ways of cracking your passcode. Pretty tough!

Picture 10


  1. Passbook replaced with Wallet

The new app Wallet finally replaces Passbook. It depicts Apple pay integration the right way. You can store your boarding pass, movie tickets and everything else in this app. It’s the same thing, but smarter.


  1. New scribble notes

Notes has been completely revamped to give healthy competition to Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote. You can do a lot more with the new options available in Notes. You can now scribble in your own writing and click a photo from within the app. You can even save a note in any app straight away. For example, you visit a website and want to take notes on it; simply tap the “action” button and select Notes. Then write or scribble anything on it and save it. Simple!

Picture 12 Picture 13 Picture 14


  1. Ability to block ads while browsing the internet

iOS 9 unlocks new doors for developers. They can now develop apps that allow you to block ads on Safari and other apps. Finally!

Picture 14


  1. Scrubber in Photos

Photos has finally got something better!

  • A scrubber has been added to let you view multiple photos easily, instead of sliding them one by one manually. Scrubber is a horizontal bar towards the bottom of the screen in Photos. You can slide through it from left to right and vice versa.Picture 15
  • iOS 9 detects your selfies and screenshots and will send them to their respective albums (depending upon the type of photo).Picture 16
  • Now you don’t have to mark each photo one by one. Just tap Select and then slide your finger across photos for multiple selection. It’s buttery smooth.Picture 17
  1. Back to previous app

With this, you can go back to the previous app you were just using. For example, while using Whatsapp, you get an email notification. You can switch to your email app to view your notification and go back to Whatsapp by simply tapping the Back button (on the top left of the screen). You don’t have to open the app drawer.

Picture 18

  1. Add attachments to email

Yes you can! How? Tap Compose Mail and double tap on the message body; a black bar with couple of options will be shown. Tap on Add Attachment to add attachments to your email. Easy, isn’t it?

Picture 19

  1. Android to iOS

Apple wants to make it easy for Android users to switch to iOS device. They have developed a new app called Android to iOS which can be installed on Android devices. This app helps to transfer data between Android and iOS devices.

Picture 20


Final Verdict:

iOS 9 has surely come a long way. We loved almost everything about it, including notes, photos, search settings etc. What disappointed us a little is the battery life. You might have to charge your phone more than once in a day. Yes, there’s a fix coming in iOS 9.1 but we’ll just have to wait for its official release. Until then, give the iOS 9.1 public beta a try.

By the way, all Systweak iOS apps are fully compatible with iOS 9 so go ahead and get them now!


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