Intel Keynote Computex 2019: Intel Launches Next-Gen Processors

Yesterday, Intel’s Senior Vice President Gregory Bryant unveiled the plans for Intel’s computer processors business in collaboration with global laptop manufacturers, while revealing the company’s future motives and research planning to optimize and upgrade system performance and change user experiences in a way no one has done before.

Bryant added nostalgia among the audience by discussing the first-ever commercially available microprocessor, Intel 4004 designed by Federico Faggin. This was his way of pointing out how Intel ushered a new era of computing and how he now plans to once again achieve the same benchmark by augmenting research and human effort. With a vision of creating a technology-based commercial and personal work experience via computers, here’s what Gregory Bryant announced at the Computex 2019.

Core i9 for vPro: Advanced Professionalism to Enterprises

Core i9 for vPro- Advanced Professionalism to Enterprises
Image Source: Gadget Bridge

Bryan kicked off the show by announcing 9th Generation mobile and desktop processors for vPro. vPro is Intel’s combination brand of a variety of hardware technologies that include features for up-scaling system processing and performance for enterprise usage. The new 9th Generation processors would be available in both Core i5 and i7 variants, while for the first time would also available be for Core i9 variants.

The vPro computers have been widely adopted by large-scale corporations, due to their high-functioning security features and remote manageability. This has transited entire office work from desktops to laptops.

New Xeon E Processors: A Gift For Creators

New Xeon E Processors- A Gift For Creators
Image source: Serve The Home

Bryant announced that Intel would be shipping fourteen new variants of Xeon E processors, specifically designed for people who use PC as their workstation. This includes entry-level freelance designers, architectural entrepreneurs, and those involved in visual effects and computer-based artistry. Having Acer chairman Jason Chen on-stage with him, Bryant highlighted that PCs made for gaming is what creators and designers use due to high graphical capability, visual vibrancy, and optimized performance, without any distortions and speed issues. However, that just doesn’t suffice their cost as gaming PCs have features integrated specifically for gaming purposes. That’s where Xeon E comes in, a purposely designed processor to help creators make effective content with hassle-free utility and productivity tools.

With the new Xeon E processors, which have an extensive 8-core processor with 5GHz of single-core turbo frequency, Intel is not only going to pioneer the experience of and artists, but also developers, research and coding engineers, and other content creators.

Collaborating with Alienware for All-New Gaming Laptops

Collaborating with Alienware for All-New Gaming Laptops
Image Source: The Verge

While Bryant was all focused on what content creation can mean for professional artists and designers on the latest Xeon E-powered desktops and laptops, President of Intel’s Client Computing Group, Sam Burd was on-stage to talk on how Intel is planning on revolutionizing gaming. While Xeon E processors are a modification of gaming-particular computers, the new i9 vPro processors would work for the future of gamers and game designers. Collaborating with Alienware, Intel would be launching, for the first time, purposely-built gaming laptops called Alienware M15 series. While gaming has been primarily a desktop thing, as laptops haven’t been able to offer a viable platform that can hold maxed out the power of graphics cards and CPU. However, the new Alienware laptops can be a major replacement to desktops in regard to gaming.

Collaborating with Alienware for All-New Gaming Laptop
Image Source: Intel Newsroom

Focusing on preventing distortion due to higher thermals, the new M15 would have 6-phase and 8-phase voltage regulators for CPU and graphics respectively to support higher airflow (which Burd claims would be higher by 20% than other commercial gaming stations), as well as overclocking. To up-scale the credibility, Bryant had Twitch’s most famous game streamer and broadcaster Benjamin Lupo aka Dr. Lupo to play Fortnite over the new M15, taking the hype at a whole another level.

Other Announcements

While the aforementioned Intel tech would be right away shipped to the respective market segments, Intel had some more announcements to make regarding the upcoming arrivals from the company.

Other Announcements
Image source: WCCF Tech

The first was about the upcoming brand-new X (Xtreme) series of Intel Core processors, which would be available by fall, integrated with Core-i series from i5 to all the way to i9 versions. Besides, there was an Intel Performance Maximizer, a utility tool that can optimize and tune-up your system performance. This new feature would be available on all Intel-powered laptops in June 2019.

After this keynote, the most anticipated Intel product is going to be the new 9900KS Core i9 gaming processor, which the users would be able to access externally over Alienware M15 and probably other Intel-powered gaming laptops from Acer and Lenovo.

Though Intel is yet to reveal the prices of these products; however, the tech geeks are already excited about these next-gen processors to up-scale the performance of HP, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo laptops, which would be the first collaborations for the new Corei9 powered laptops and desktops. Besides gaming laptops and processors, Bryant focused on what Intel has in plans to bring “the next wave of innovation” to computer usage and experience at both enterprise and individual user level. Intel’s multi-innovation platform and the most anticipated announcement, Project Athena has developments of all kind in place to bring the next-gen computers to life.

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