Instagram Updates IGTV App To Find New Creators to Follow

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Instagram, a simple photo-sharing app launched in 2010 started moving to video in 2013, this allowed users to upload short clips. But this standalone app has not been very popular. Therefore, it seems Instagram is redesigning the IGTV app.

Is this the only reason or there is anything else?

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Reasons behind redesigning the IGTV App?

  • Most important of all is to gain popularity like other short video apps.
  • Get more users by updating the IGTV app.
  • To help people locate videos easily and get more view counts.
  • Boost creators to create interesting videos as this is the future of video.

What changes are made to the app?

The company claims to redesign the homepage and put the creator at the top. This means based on who a user follows and the content app thinks might be interesting will be prioritized.

Not only this, but IGTV app is also getting a Discover tab to locate relevant and new IGTV content. Alongside users will also get hands-free recording mode. To use it they just need to tap the video icon upon doing so they can immediately start creating and uploading videos.

The biggest update of all is the Discover tab, given the current status, the app only displays video from followers, following or popular ones. Using the Discover tab users will be able to find content for their choice.

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Will the company update only the IGTV app?

Certainly not. Instagram will also receive a likely update using which users will be able to post their IGTV content in their Stories.

This is an alternative to freeze-frame thereby allowing users to play 15 seconds content.  This way by clicking on the video they can watch the complete video and creators will get more views.

Are they any other changes made for creators?

Last month Instagram launched the first stage of IGTV monetization for top creators.

This will help top creators boost the appeal and make money from the platform. This tactic to promote content will help the IGTV app get more influencers and content.

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With this Instagram is not only trying to get more downloads but is also making people believe it is the future and they need to use the app. Also, the live session feature is liked by people as they can connect well. Instead of spending time writing long paragraphs, posts, people can use Instagram to live. This means no more headaches now you have it all by your side.

What are your thoughts about it? Do you think Instagram there was a need to redesign the IGTV app? Do you use it? Do share your thoughts with us. We are listening.

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