Instagram Stories Steals Snapchat’s Thunder!

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” – Alfred Ng*

Doodling on the selfie? Check. Funny Face filters? Yes, Snapchat did it.  Stickers, location tags? Check, Check. Posts disappearing in 24 hours, cut-outs, temperature filters. Well, yes now you know the drill. Social Media has once again proved that the one who steals, becomes the real hero at the end of the day. Instagram Stories Is finally bigger than Snapchat after copying many of Its Features, it has surpassed Snapchat and said that more than 200 million users worldwide are using Insta Stories on a daily basis.


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The Golden Rule of Social Media

The Snapchat vs Instagram stories clash has surely taught us that social media is one big place where copycats have found a place to thrive. The one who has a large set of audience engages more user to become the star of the show. Stealing content on social media is a quick route to success, thanks to a platform that cares more about the content than the creator.

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What’s new in Instagram’s Latest Update?

Well, we gotta agree to this fact that Instagram Stories is giving Snapchat some serious competition. Instagram is growing at a more rapid pace than Snap as it took just a few months. In its previous update, Instagram added yet another Snapchat-like feature to its platform by including disappearing photos and videos in direct messages.

And yes, it doesn’t end right here. Instagram also added several sticker features that were previously more synonymous with Snap—including custom geostickers for four more cities (Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo), a “selfie sticker” that lets users turn their photos into mini-selfies and also a way to pin stickers within videos.

To do so, all you need to do is just tap and hold the sticker, place it where you like, and confirm by tapping “Pin.”

Instagram just pumped its coolness quotient, right?

So, what’s your pick folks? Classic Tom or mischievous Jerry 😉


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